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star the shi tzu
08-22-2015, 11:12 PM
Hello Everyone, punk_jr here

I have been working on a project of mine which I hope to complete by Halloween. I'm almost halfway through as well:)
I'm actually recreating my project from lbp2 which was Veatrice the Witch. LBP has come such a long way since the 1st 2 system games, and I can now finally create without limits (practically). So I guess you can call this a Veatrice the Witch 2.0 lol I know had some friends and fans disappointed because I had actually gotten all the way towards the end and never published the battle against the witch..... but this time that won't happen!!

I actually have some magic mouths from several people from people which I had since lbp2 but never got around to recreating my project. I guess since when I initially made my levels I didn't really know what I was doing, but I'm glad people liked it. I have a lot of fun creating and am glad people enjoy my story. I'm not really good with platforming, so the levels will be more of a walkthrough, but I'm making sure to keeps players entertained with challenges and eye candy of my own.

So I actually would like to have some voice actors. I need someone to be the voice for the king of craftworld, and of course for Veatrice the Witch. I need someone with quirky voice for the king, but I think if anyone is interested you are more than welcome to ask for the part. Just have a device you can record your voice with and please have good quality recording (that goes for Veatrcice too). Veatrice has the biggest part in the project and is the star aside from sackthing lol
So veatrice is composed of 2 parts-6 year old veatrice the witch and a 16-18 year old witch(haven't decided her age yet). So to all the ladies and girls out there who like to try for the part please let me know!

If you are interested for the voice part please let me know. If there is a level that displays your voice talent then I can always go to that and check it out. If you are interested in voicing for the witch and want to learn more about her part, you can check out "enter veatrice the witch" from lbp2. You will find out more about the character and how dark she is :) and I can always message you some lines for her too!

Thank you for reading and hopefully my pic attachments come out. I'm not too savy with this site. :boo:


08-27-2015, 01:59 PM
I wish I could help, but alas, my voice is the absolute WORST, and also I do not have a microphone. However, I do know SLS10 does a lot of LBP voice acting. You could look him up!

star the shi tzu
08-28-2015, 01:50 AM
I think I'm going to make my cousins do the voices lol

08-28-2015, 07:36 AM
Hi punk_jr,

its been a very long time since we've met last, I hope you had a fine time! Great that you will finally publish your "Veatrix the Witch", I'm looking forward to Halloween now! :)
Hope to meet you soon and many greetings, Jürgen^^