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10-06-2015, 03:25 PM
Hay guys this is Danx87 (https://twitter.com/Danx87LBP3) from LittleBigPlanet 3 Tutorials (http://www.youtube.com/c/Danx87) with some fantastic NEWS!

Now you can create your very own LBP3 3D camera & 3D Games!

Watch the tutorial here:


No Hacks or Glitches, just pure genius!

Credit to:
Blockbuster95: LBP (https://lbp.me/u/blockbuster95/videos?p=1&l=12) Twitter (https://twitter.com/Sam__Aspinall95)
oO_ArianA_Oo: LBP (https://lbp.me/u/oO__ArianA__Oo/videos?p=1&l=12) Twitter (https://twitter.com/ArianaLBP)

Link to Copyable LBP2 level: Here (https://lbp.me/v/qxxxcs3/activity)

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05-26-2016, 07:48 PM
Have soneone already tried to make a First person cam with this?

07-11-2016, 04:15 AM
I have made logic that lets you control the sackbot & camera freely in 3D.

Most 3D levels have the controls & camera locked with just right or left.
My new design faces the sackbot towards the direction that your pointing to with the left joystick and with the right joystick can move the camera around the character to view stuff around him.

So any modern 3D game has these type of 3D controls. Good example of what the controls are like are in a Legend of Zelda OoT or Super Mario N64.

Now there are different ways to do 3D. My system runs off the lbp2 glitch method. I think its the best way to do 3D. The other ways do have some up/down controls in depth but don't yet you use materials very well.


Now the only way to move stuff up and down is to attach followers to it and having it up stuff up or down.

I Have tried creating hills/climbing/stairs in these levels. Attaching followers to the full area and moving the land up or down.
You can't move the sackbot up or down cus the camera will not go in or out. Unless you wanna ruin your view.

You can only move the land up or down so much. (Like within 3-4 layer range until your character looks like hes just floating in air.)

Carring/Tossing objects in the video is actually tricky. You have to move the object above the sackbot and have the sackbot shoot out 2 tags a different heights and have them destroy themselves at different times. like 0.3, then 0.5. This will cause the bomb to fly in the air for 0.3 seconds then move to the next tag on the ground then stop. Can see in the video that I toss the bomb over the gate to trigger the crystal switch.

So for my game I would only lower the sackbots depth when he fell over on the side of a cliff. I also did this for some pushing snowball puzzles. You can walk out of bounds in this level by going near the wall by the bomb I think. Can see some edits/3D objects outside the level.

Its hard to create enemies in 3D also.

Those are shape sticker objects attached to a block that changes the size of the sticker. Can make some cool stuff in you combine stuff. I was working on creating 3D sparks with streeching ruby object stickers thin.

07-11-2016, 04:06 PM
Really like that zelda level trailer venat!

07-11-2016, 07:13 PM
Really like that zelda level trailer venat!

Thanks. I have stopped working on it though. Attention to detail for making it was too much for me and alot of people don't know much about 3D to even help me.

I look into doing 3D when dreams comes out. I wanna make a horror game.

07-11-2016, 08:02 PM
Yeah, I was just in your exact same boat back when I wasn't a retire creator. 3D was my dream, I hoped everyone out there would make 3D in LBP a reality. I was working on a Sonic 3D project, but I eventually lost interest. It just took too much time, and LBP's engine doesn't even support that kind of gameplay. not to mention you have to make everything top down in order for 3D to work :(.

Hopefully Dreams will have a much more improved system that will expand on the possibilities of LBP :). I like to think of Sumo's LBP3 as one huge expansion DLC pack for LBP2, but MM's Dreams as the future next step in the "Play, Create, Share" franchise :)

09-25-2016, 03:01 PM
I can't be the only one who's noticed this level is completely empty?

09-25-2016, 04:23 PM
Of course is this level empty, if you want to use the 3D camera then you have to do it in this empty level! The level is a requirement for the use of the 3D cam. :)

09-25-2016, 06:01 PM
Yeah, I can 't even figure out how to work a piston properly so I'll have no chance on this. Piston tutorial please? All jokes aside your tutorials seems helpful so I might give them a whirl.

09-25-2016, 08:31 PM
"Used for making the 3D camera"

I'm not paying much attention today :D