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10-22-2015, 03:38 PM
Autumn leaves lazily fall to the ground,
Amidst all the spooky décor lying around.
And once again, if you haven’t foreseen,
It is, indeed, time for Halloween.

Now people have come and gone since then,
When ghosts ran amuck and people screamed through the glen.
Some folks grew older, others probably died,
And even others still ran off to hide.

But on this spooky night, as the moon rises high,
A new malevolent force has come to say “Hi!”,
And not all our young folks went away, as you’ll see,
When it comes to our first ill-fated group of three.

(TenebrisNemo) “People were sure eager to get rid of their candy.”
(FreeAim) “Well, that’s what happens when everyone moves away and there’s no one to give it to.”
(DiamondDIancie10) “Maybe those rumors I heard about are true…”

Tenebris was already in appropriate attire,
Dressing up every day as a regal vampire.
FreeAim, as well, was also quite prepared,
Dressed up as Shrignold from the 3rd “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared”.
As for Diancie, with her first Haunt on LBPC,
She threw a sheet over her head and became a ghost, simply.

"Bah, nothing but a bunch of ghost stories.,, which were literally about ghosts.”
“Then can you explain why a whole bunch of people are gone?”
“Well, they’re not exactly ‘gone’-gone…”
“But they’re still not ‘here’-here. Sorta spooky when you think about it.”
“If those stories are true, then that’s pretty good reason to skip out this year.”

Alas, it was true; not much was going on that night,
For it seemed many folks did run away in fright.
So, only an hour or two in and their bags filled all the way,
They headed over to the house where Jww and Countess stay.

“We’re back.”
(JwwPhotos) “Already? It’s barely into nighttime.”
"Not a whole lot to do. We’ve already hit all the houses. ”
“At least we got a ton of candy out of it!”

The trio began sorting their candy on the floor,
As Countess came in through the kitchen door.

(TheCountessZ) “Back already?”
"That’s what I said!”
“Again, not a lot of folks out tonight. Almost felt like a ghost town out there… no offense.”
“None taken. We’d probably move too if we were affected more directly.”
“So it IS true?!”
"If I don’t see it, I don’t believe it. By the way, two Tootsie Rolls for a Crunch bar?”
“Yeesh, what a rip-off.”
"True, seeing is believing. But some things you see aren’t quite as easy to take in…”

Jww shudders for a moment, thinking of long ago,
Where the proof of such things lied in those in-the-know.
Countess places her hand on his shoulder, calming him down,
As our trio continued sorting their treasures from the town.

“So three Gobstoppers, an Almond Joy, and five Jolly Ranchers for a Reese’s and a caramel apple?”
"Throw in a bag of Skittles and you got yourself a deal.”
“This is Halloween candy, not Pawn Stars.”
“What’s the point of trading anyways? We got like half of all the candy in LBPC!”

Diancie plunges face-first into her candy pile,
Causing the other two to snicker and Countess to smile.
Bored of the bartering, FreeAim gets up on his feet,
And makes his way towards the stairs, passing by Jww’s seat.

"Where are you heading off to?”
“You guys have some movies or something lying around, right?”
“Yeah. There should be some in the attic.”

Climbing up the stairs, FreeAim looks around,
Peering down a hallway, where a dangling rope is found.
Giving it a tug, the attic door swings wide,
Causing a ladder to unfold right by FreeAim’s side.
Ascending the ladder, FreeAim enters the attic,
Where the stale air and abundant dust make him a little sick.

Lying all around are some of Jww and Countess’ things,
Like a shot helmet, some coffins, and a worn-out set of wings.
But while on the lookout for movies, something catches his eye,
Drawing him toward a corner of the attic where, caked in dust, it lie.
Dusting it off and lifting it off the gorund,
FreeAim read the title and said aloud:

“The Sauronomicon. Pffft, must be like a peanut almanac.”

Tucking the book under his arm, he continues his movie quest,
Only managing to conjure up two or three films at best.
FreeAim exits the attic and descends down the flight-

“Hiddleston Horror, The Gobbledygook, and Shaky Camera 4. What a night.”

Setting the book on a counter, FreeAim re-enters the living room,
Where their boring night of bad movies is about to resume.

”Did you find something?”
“This is all you got.”
"The Gobbledygook is supposed to be a good one.”
“Isn’t that the one where the monster goes to hide in the toilet?”
"Spoilers, dangit! I haven’t seen the whole thing yet!”

Deciding on what movie they wanted to watch more,
They honestly didn’t care and popped in Shaky Camera 4.
As the TV speakers started blasting and the previews began to roll,
Countess and Jww got up to head out on a stroll.

“Something up?”
"Oh, nothing. We’re just gonna take a walk.”
”Fresh autumn air does wonders for your mood.”
“Alright. We’ll be here.”

With the couple out of the house, our trio looked around,
Then, with the coast clear, turned to FreeAim to see what else he found.

"Anything good?”
“I dunno. They DID say The Gobbledygook was good…”
“Oh come on! There’s gotta be something else.”
“Well, I did find… something.”

With three malevolent grins, and a little snicker-fest,
Our trio quickly left the room, to where the Sauronomicon did rest.

"Looks ancient.”
“Is it even in English?”
“No idea. I haven’t opened it yet.”
"Wait, Sauron? Ah geez, it’s gonna be a bunch of peanut fanfics, isn’t it?”
“Oi, give it a chance, will ya?”

Opening the book and flipping pages about,
They dove into a world of magic- and all in English, no doubt.

“Oh ye of little faith… why did you doubt?”
"Yeah yeah, wise-guy, now is there anything good?”
“How about this one?”

Reading off the page with a picture of a plant,
Diancie pointed to the floor and began to chant:

I call upon the powers of ultimate demise,
Now… erm, something-something- take root and arise!

Growing fast, springing out of a rut,
A plant rose to the ceiling… and bore a single peanut.

“That at least confirms that it’s Rock’s book.”
"As expected. Now check this out.”

Clearing his throat, Tenebris faced Diancie,
Then twiddling his fingers laid an enchantment upon thee:

I call upon the powers that be everywhere,
To turn down thy gravity, and rise into the air!

At first nothing happens, but nonetheless, gradually,
Diancie rose into the air, although rather slowly.

“Sweet! It’s not just peanuts!”
"The view is pretty sweet from down here, too.”
“Eyes away, jerk! I can sprout a plant from right under ya!”
“Alright guys, chill. I think I got something really interesting…”

Turning upon a page full of text,
FreeAim begins to read over the hex:

From your dwelling places, and oblivion, come forth,
For I-

"Hold on a sec. You need a few things.”
“Huh? I don’t-… oh.”

Heading into the kitchen, Tenebris and FreeAim prep,
Putting together the séance under Diancie, step by step.
Making a design out of utensils and silverware,
Placing around candles, and lighting some here and there,
They form some kind of pentagram, although it seems, so far,
That in the circle is a peanut and not an upside-down star.

“Waitwaitwait, I didn’t sign up for this!”
"Don’t be so scared, you’ll be fine.”
“Sooo reassuring, coming from down there.”
“It’ll be okay! I’d never let anything happen to you.”
“A-are you sure?”
“I swear on my life. Now then, let’s continue.”

FreeAim headed back to the book, the room now devoid of sound,
And began to read the page once more, his words echoing around:

From your dwelling places, and oblivion, come near,
For I call upon the spirits to whom I hold most dear.
A person has graciously agreed to our terms and our agreements-

“I did not!“

Has dotted their I’s, crossed their T’s, and believes in our achievements.
So now, for those interested, I present to thee a host!
Open to all who wish to return, whether demon, spirit or ghost!

“I-I’m really n-not liking this…”
“You’ll be fiiine. Now anyway-“

And so I call upon all those who lie down deep in Hell!
Arise! Come forth! Take claim!-

“’… And in this body dwell’? Wait, WHAT-“

The floor is suddenly set ablaze, the silverware blasted away!
As Diancie begins to cringe and spasm, high in the air she lay!
The circle burns into the floor, Diancie now aghast,
As the circle’s innards give away and erupt In A SATANIC BLAST!

“OH MY GOD!!!”

Meanwhile, out of the house, a couple blocks away,
The lovely couple take in the air and talk about their day.

"Saw Outlaw back in town. Looks like Halloween attracts all the old guys these days.”
"Well, don’t keep your hopes up. They don’t usually stay around long.”
"I know. But it’s still nice to see them once in a while.”
"True. Just can’t be too optimistic, that’s all.”

Turning around the corner down another neighborhood,
They spot a streetlight up ahead, where warlord_evil stood.

(warlord_evil) “Long time no see.”
"It’s definitely been a while.”
"What brings you back here?”
"Something doesn’t feel right. I know the lockdown caused a lot of trouble but… something else is around here.”
"And that’s bad, right?”
"Don’t know. Again, it’s been a while, so I’m not as keen on my senses as I used to be…”
"We might as well discuss more of this at my place. No point in standing around if we got comfy chairs.”
"I guess so, though the night weather sure is nice.”
"We humbly agree.”

The couple now three, they head off down the street,
Stopping by an intersection where 3 roads did meet.

"Of all my time spent here, I never understood this spot.”
"CC planned everything out long ago, so I’m not quite sure either.”
"So far there’s been three main LittleBIGPlanets, so maybe coincidence?”
"That still doesn’t explain the weird Y-shape it forms, and why.”
"Maybe it’s meant to be unknown.”

Continuing around the block, they eventually come into sight
Of Jww and Countess’ house… now with an unholy fright.

"I KNEW something was up!”
"For once, I really wish you weren’t right…”
"The kids!”

Spreading out her wings, Countess bolts off to the air,
As the other two follow close behind, heading toward the demonic lair.
Countess lands on the roof, while Warlord kicks down the door,
Spotting FreeAim and Tenebris behind a couch… huddled up on the floor.

"WHAT did you DO?!”
"I SWEAR, nothing happened-“

FreeAim jabs Tenebris in the ribs, who lets out a quick cry.

"What was that for?!”
“It’s right in front of them! So why did you try to lie?!”
"What did you take out of the attic…”
“I swear, it was just the movies!... and a book.”

Welling up with fear, Jww looks into the dining room,
Where Diancie floated about, now filled with evil and doom.


Quickly pulling back in, Jww barely avoids a massive, scorching blast,
As it erupts out from inside the room and narrowly flies past.

"What spell did you use?!”
“I swear! I didn’t know-“
“Page 88! It takes up the entire page!”

Holding in his breath, Jww dives back into the dining room,
Where a brief encounter occurs, as fireballs zoom
Out and all over the place, but by sheer, dumb luck,
Jww makes it out with book in hand!

"This night is gonna suck.”

Quickly turning the pages, he comes up to 88,
And upon reading what’s inscribed-

"… I think we’re already too late.”

Another fireball busts through a wall, knocking Jww off his feet,
Sending him careening through the TV, now lying dazed at Warlord’s feet.

"And that was the site owner...”
"Now it’s personal.”

Warlord, with expired Banhammer in hand, rushes in, straight for the girl,
But is immediately blasted ferociously, sent flying out in a whirl.
Warlord smashes through several of the houses walls,
Where finally, an acre beyond the house, he finally falls.
Floating out of the room, Diancie stops above the remaining two,
The duo frightened out of their wits as to what she might do…

“… D-Diancie?”
"Th-that’s you in there, right?”

Raising her hands high, Diancie lets out an evil roar,
As Countess swoops towards the boys, sweeping them off the floor.
With one guy in each arm, Countess rockets through the gaps
Where Warlord blasted through, her wings beating mighty flaps.

"You two have a LOT of explaining to do!”
"FreeAim grabbed the book! BLAME HIM!”

A large column of fire erupts in front of the troubled three,
Causing Countess to change course, where another erupts immediately
In front of them once again, and this time caught off-guard,
Countess lets go of the boys, causing them to land hard.
The two take a moment to wince, both clearly in pain,
As all around the duo, there fell a fiery rain…

"Agh, my spine…”
“Wha… Countess!”

Both desperately look around, only to find
Dear Countess snared up, caught in an evil bind.

"NGH! Get off me!”

Both bolt over to the vampire, but upon their arrival,
It became less of a rescue, and more of personal survival.

"Stay back!”

The binds gripping tighter, Countess grunts in pain,
As they began sucking her into the ground, her energy they began to drain.

“Countess! No!”
"It’s… too late… for now…“
"Oh God, oh God, oh God-“
"But… not… entirely…”

Before going completely under, Countess lets out a little yelp,
Barely audible amongst the surrounding blaze:

"Find… help…”

Succumbing to the binds, Countess is dragged below.

"… so any idea on what to do now?”
“I dunno?!”

The fire blazing ever hotter, spreading into the neighborhoods,
The duo immediately bolted off and ran into the woods,
While not far off, a demonic Diancie makes her way through town,
Setting fire to nearly all around her, tearing every power-line down,
Making a beeline right for a location currently unknown…
But what does this all mean, you ask? Well… stay tuned… ~Outlaw-Jack

10-22-2015, 10:08 PM
LOL!!!!! Too awesome for words!!

10-23-2015, 12:41 AM
I came to see if I was the main villain

I knew it would have to be so

10-23-2015, 09:52 PM
Where's my overly-dramatic dying scene?

Here I'll try to write it.

"I have...one last thing to say..."
"What is it War?"
"H4H plz urghhhhhhh..."

I kid. This was great!

10-27-2015, 01:48 AM
What a fun read! I can't wait to see what happens next! I love Halloween stories!