View Full Version : How to utilize higher than 100%'s in LBP3(!!!)

01-05-2016, 03:52 AM
Note that this is a glitch, and it requires a copy of LBP2, as well as some sort of level lock that only you can access collectables from (for transfer).

I'll keep this as brief as I can.

If you emit logic that utilized a system using values higher than 100% from LBP2 (it has to be emitted on something physical in an emitter, I don't know why, but it just does or it won't work) it will work in LBP3 (FOR THAT SESSION ONLY, replaying will erase the access to the higher than 100% signals), and the logic cannot be modified from the chip and still work.

I know, very limited, BUT let me explain why this is so great:

"If it only works for that session, then the player will never get to utilize the values"
Wrong, just re-emit every time

"If we do that, we won't be able to modify the logic, put inputs, or utilize it for a specific purpose in LBP3"
Yeah you can, make all inputs and outputs controlled with tags and tag sensors (some latency will ensue, but if you need the range, you will have to suffer through the tag sensor latency)

"This is REALLY limited, is it even worth it?"
Well, I have to say if something is impossible without that range, then it's your only choice (such as 32 bit analog compression). If you give a range to your tags beforehand then you can physically separate similar logic modules and cut back on labels.

Here are some unknowns that may or may not influence how it works, but you should know it beforehand.

This was tested without input to scaled objects (this might not work well with physical modifiers such as movers, but I suspect it should work fine on things like timers)
The emitter was saved on a piece of material from LBP2 as well, placing an LBP3 emitter and selecting the logic may not work
Tested without tagged inputs and outputs
Tested without switching wiring order in the emitted logic
Tested as a community object (object sent to someone besides creator), untested via original creator
The emitter was inside of a microchip on a material from LBP2
Inputs and outputs pre-existed on the emitted logic
Logic was untested to be copied to a new location from the original location and session
TESTED: Further scaling and inputting into more logic that either modified or temporarily disabled values reduced values to 100% (such as AND gates and OR gates), take care of these situations in LBP2 with more tags (I know, it's a pain)

This IS a pain in the neck to work with, but at least it's POSSIBLE now, hope it helps anyone who needed this information. If I might add, SUMO, IT IS POSSIBLE AND WORKS, bring it back, please :'( every time a logic feature is removed, a logic creator loses his sanity.

Also, I apologize in advance for the lack of further research on this topic, I was limited in my time to test and wanted to get this info out as quickly as possible to you magnificent folks. I would really appreciate it if someone could investigate the unknowns list (and a few of their own unknowns if they have a few speculations of their own I forgot to cover) and comment it below. I will then edit into the primary part of the post. I appreciate any future cooperation from the logic community.

Discovered alongside Reblskum666 (https://lbp.me/u/Reblskum666/photos?p=1&l=12)