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01-08-2016, 12:40 AM
So, a brief intro, Missing Shoelace is an Adventure Comedy focused around three detectives in search for Lady Booboo's missing shoelace. I was originally working on it on LittleBigPlanet 2, but when LittleBigPlanet 3 was announced, I decided to work on it in LittleBigPlanet 3. This film will probably be around 90 minutes long, so it will probably take around 5 months to 1 year to make.

I have a Sneaky Peaky on my account for Missing Shoelace, but it was made in LittleBigPlanet 2, and it was made a long time ago, but you will get the idea.

Here is the link:


This is a big project, so I will need lots of help!

Needed positions:

*Voice Actors
*Set Designers
*Music Curator
*Map Designer


Voice Actor Requirements:

What I am looking for in a voice actor is a voice actor with alot of enthusiasm for the dialogue, with a voice that is expressive and not mono-tone! Also willing to wait for the time for them to voice act, some of my previous voice actors for previous projects quit the film because hey could not wait for when the time is right. And one more thing, you have to be willing to make a goofy gibberish sound here and there, cut loose!

Co-Writer Requirements:

What I am looking for in a co-writer is someone who has a well developed sense of comedy, but not in inappropriate comedy and needs a knack for designing an adventure that really reals you in. He/she also needs to be able to work well with other writers, for I will be the main writer and he/she will need to be able to accept my opinions and keep a positive attitude.

Set Designer Requirements:

What I am looking for in a set designer is someone who can design really visually appealing suburban and city environments that sizes are not off from the person-to-environment ratio, for example: the sets can not have a couch that is massive compared to the people.

Music Curator Requirements:

What I am looking for in a music curator is someone who can create a thrilling soundtrack that every tune fits into the adventure of the story, or the awkward moments that may occur. The music needs to lure the watchers into the movie and make a real movie experience.

Map Designer Requirements:

What I am looking for in a map designer is someone that can create a map of a English/London-inspired location to help the story's locations to make more sense. The map designer also needs to be able to work with the set designers to help the map convert to a 2.5D set in LBP3.


Perhaps you can not help with any of these positions. That's alright! :) If you can not help with anything, suggest this thread to others you think can help! :)

Just so you know, I am on a PS3 and my system is currently corrupt, but I am going to get a new one later this month, most likely.
It will take 5 months to 1 year to make, like I said earlier, and the people who will help me with this film will need to be able to stay on the project as long as needed. But they will probably only need to be active in the project for about 1/2 to 4/5s of the production time.
So, voice actors, set designers, and music curators part of this project will have some time before auditions. The Co-Writer(s) and Map Designer can work with me in the meantime as well as after it's fixed.
PS4 users that can not use a PS3 as well but want to help, I can probably find a way. ;) The Set Designers are most preferred to be on PS3, and it would be easier to have the voice actors on PS3 as well. The Music Curator(s), Set Designers, and Voice Actors if they must, a locked level with the sets/music/magic mouths and a key given to me can work, or we can send items back and forth through LBP's nifty gift system. While communication can be through PMs on a forum, PSN, or through my twitter account: @Hamster_fluff.

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Current Team:

Voice Actors: DiamondDiancie10, Hamster_fluff, Pan_Ziemniak
Writers: Hamster_fluff
Co-writers: DiamondDiancie10, Enzo the Cat, >Er
Script Quality Checker: xXMateosXx
Musicurators: >Er