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01-25-2016, 05:37 AM
I been considering making a team for the games people want to make. I'm aiming to make a team for high skilled creators where they can really good designs or logic. Can request other help or work with others on their own project or as a team.

LBP3 Community & Dreams Community team

Project 1

My first project will be to improve my Legend of Zelda 3D sackbot in terms of scraping most of the custom features and releasing a basic all purpose 3D sackbot that can be used for like Super Mario 64 kind of games and other 3D gameplay style games where anyone wants to build on. The goal is to release a improved tool in this style of gameplay that I see players trying to create and also teach new & old creators on how to work in this space better.

3D sackbot

This is built from the blockbuster 3D sackbot but quite improved a bit for many things such as,
360 degree spin around the player,
360 degree character facing,
Character collusion/Clipping improvements,
Directional Shooting/Attacking,
Enemy follower Bread crumb logic,
Falling down logic/via hit box touching,
Crawling Animations/via hit box touching,
Binding/controls movement via tag hit detection,
Lifting above sackbot head.

3D Sack dog enemy

Enemy Directional AI movement,
Enemy Dog running/hitting movement animations.

Game Design
Logic/Design for 3D such as:

Moving Floor (Able to create height/depth by moving the floor space within a level)
Textures for walls, floors, grass etc.

Most of these will be small samples where the player can look at and see how its done.