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06-21-2016, 01:57 AM
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[ I'm also considering between the titles Interrogation and Interrogation Room ]

You are a detective and are assigned by the police force to interrogate six different people to figure out the murderer of [???, suggest a name?] and the motivations of that madman to commit such a crime.

Planned Gameplay:
The entire gameplay consists of a cinematic scene whilst the character can choose what they can specifically ask about. Each character you interrogate is separated into different levels and they all will contradict each other but won't say anything specifically to the other person so you can play them in any order. There are around six or four planned characters and what you say would always affect the dialogue at the end of your conversation. There are at least twenty bits of text that the character says before the conversation ends.
X is always your "kind" option whilst O is your "aggressive" option.

Assistance needed:
Everyone will be credited for their work, inside my creating circle or not. (Which is no one because I haven't collaborated in a long time.)
Music - This is because I can't write mysterious music.
Costumes - Honestly, I'm better at writing than creating realistic characters so this might need some tailoring.
Logic - When it comes to these kind of levels, I really don't know how to do this, but I might have an idea.

Pressing X instead of O at least three times results in the KIND ending of the situation.
Pressing O instead if X at least three times results in the MURDERED ending or the GRUDGE ending of the situation.
Pressing O or X in half of the situations gets you the CONFUSED ending.

Opening your eyes, you let out a shaky sigh before you enter the interrogation room. The first person you're interrogating appears to be a housemate of the victim. You look at the brunette girl as you sit down.
"I'm innocent." (1)
Pressing O - We'll test that out. - (Oh? I-I'm...sorry.) (2)
Pressing X - Don't worry, I believe you. - (Er...thanks.) (3)

"Well, I'll tell you the entire story." (4)
"I woke up, prepared breakfast, and we ate together at the table." (5)
"She then stepped outside, claiming to be taking a phone call. That statement was true because her phone was ringing quite loudly from her pocket." (6)
Pressing O - What happened? - (Er...Do you think I'd know?) (7)
Pressing X - What did she say? - (I couldn't hear anything...she went outside.) (8)

"I hadn't seen her at the college all day and couldn't explain her absence to my And then I came home but she wasn't opening the door so, when I went inside by myself, she was dead." (9)
"Blood splattered across the floor." (10)
"Her body parts were splattered across the rug." (11)
"The place was dark." (12)
Pressing O - Hm. - (What's it to you?) (13)
Pressing X - Anything else? - (Er...sorta?) (14)

"Anyways, a knife was left behind and it was practically covered in blood, except for the fact that handle where the hand specifically held it is the only place that didn't have blood." (15)
"She had gotten herself into trouble again..." (16)
"She always comes home with a guy, or doesn't come home at nights at all. (17)
Pressing O - We're done now. (this isn't counted for in the system because your partner doesn't say anything.)
Pressing X - Alright, thank you.

"Thank you. I'll be looking out too." (18)
"I'll see you sometime again!" (19)
"Oh, and wear that tomorrow. That looks nice." (20)

"Say goodbye~"

"See you tomorrow, I guess."