View Full Version : Sayonara Sackfolk

07-28-2016, 02:45 PM
Important Announcement

All links to my levels will not now work Sackfolk, but fear not, this is because I have republished ALL my levels now as COPYABLE.

Help yourself to the 1000's of hours of creation on my planet.

I've decided not to give the creations away as prize bubbles separately as they're all in the levels anyway.

Enjoy. And regrettably......goodbye.

Apart from replies this will be my last post and i leave you with this parting gift to all my Sackfriends here on LBPC.

Thanks to everyone who has played my levels and the generous people who've helped me build some.

Adios Amigos.

See you in 'Dreams' where you'll find me creating again I'm sure.


07-28-2016, 04:30 PM
Hi Scorpio,

its an honor to me to have met you and I'm sure to see you in "Dreams" again! :) Thank you so much for your creations and all the joy you've given to the karting community! :) Have a happy life and many greetings, Jürgen^^

07-29-2016, 09:30 PM
Thank you Scorpio.
I spent great time on lbpkarting playing your levels, specially the first person level, even if I liked this game for racing . You have so much imagination in creation. I saw all your evolution from the beginning until the end, and I must say, you were one of the best creator of this game. I will miss this game.
See you in Dreams.