View Full Version : how to glitch menus

08-20-2016, 02:36 AM
hello! as you can see in the title,i have found out how to glitch the menus!
this has been known for a while but there is more to this glitch than otiginally thought!
main menu
the glitch is performed by pressing square or X then right after that press O. the more you perform it,the more intense (for lack of a better word) it gets. for this one,go to my pod and perform it. the more you stack it on,the more it zooms out. it zooms out until the menu is just a few pixels on the screen. do it more and it will zoom back in...but the whole menu will be upside-down!
story levels/DL levels
if done here,the cursor will shift around starting left to up to down and back to where it was.
my moon
the cursor will shift here,too. your cursor can appear in a completley different crater if repeated a lot!
whew,what a mouthful! i imagine the community moon glitch would be similar to the my moon's glitch but no servers=glitch to test.