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Well hello there everyone! After writing several stories, I thought I should put them all in one thread for all of you to read, rate, and discuss! I'll be adding lots of stories here, and in my blog, so come back weekly for a new story. (Hopefully.) I hope you enjoy these!

The Man in the Meadow

Well after realizing that I had a story in my head, I quickly typed it out, and thought it was pretty cool, and depressing :)

Hopefully this is the right place to put this...

I hope you like it, please leave comments!

He stood there, standing in the eternal abyss of everlasting sorrow.

He couldnít stop it. No matter how hard he tried, no matter what he did, he couldnít stop it.

He stood in the tall grass, staring into the heavens, asking; Why? Why me, what have I done to deserve this?

The man had never done anything bad in his life. Nothing. He was a clean as a whistle. But he was still tormented by the death. The undying regret, as if he did something.

Above his head a crow flew. It circled him, over and over again. Was it tormenting him? Was it telling him that he deserved this? But... but... why?

An ember fluttered onto his shoulder, making a small scorch, before disappearing into thin air.

His eyes closed from the sting, then opened them. Everything came into view... everything.

The man turned around. There was a wince of pain in his knee. He looked down and saw a piece of wood sticking into his flesh. He bent over and grasped the wood. He closed his eyes. Sucking in all this death, this... pain. With all his might he pulled out the piece of wood, holding it in his hand. Staring at it.

Was this another message? Another piece of this massive puzzle? He didnít understand it, he didnít understand anything. He didnít understand life.

He glanced up, to see a small house, burning like nothing he had ever seen. The house was just a cube, only some supports remained.

And then, he saw them, all four of them. Four burning pieces of flesh; his family; his life. They were gone; gone so fast.

A tear dripped down his cheek, to be evaporated by the heat.
This must stop. Today. He will end it, and finally be lifted from this deadly veil.

He looked at the wood.

I can do this...

He looked at the heavens once more...

Are you happy!?! Are you pleased now!?! Well you should be!

The man grasped the piece of wood with both hands, sweat dripping down his hands. He slowly pushed the wood away from his body.

Another tear dripped from his eye.

And then... happiness.

His heart stopped, his eyes closed. His tears stopped.

His body dropped like a stone in a pit.

He was finally free...

Dreamonte - Mythology of The Draye

I am creating a sort of novel, and it has a cult in it known as The Draye. They are a death cult, and believe in the gods; Creator, Dreamonte, and Aullriss. Heres the story of these gods, and the creation of the Earth and death, in The Draye's vision:

At the beginning of time, there were three gods, Creator, the god of Creation and Life, Allriss, the god of the Elements, and Dreamonte, the god of Death.

One day, Creator came upon a large open space, a massive universe. When he found it, he really wanted to create, and so he created many large spheres, each with their own identity. But he made one very special, he made it sustainable of other life. Creator was magic, and so he could survive anywhere. Then, using some of his own magic, he created life. He called these creatures animals. He took several weeks to create every animal, as they were all different. He then made a duplicate of each, with a different gender so they could create more animals.

The many animals grew over several years, and they made more, just like Creator knew they would. But one species interested Creator the most. They were smarter than all the other creatures. He called these things; Humans.

After a while, he noticed the many animals needs. So he called upon Allriss, to create more food, water, and terrain. Allriss covered most of the planet with water, so the creatures could swim, and drink it.

After that Allriss left to go back to his Universe. But then Dreamonte came. Dreamonte saw Creator watching the planet, and thought he would have some fun. Dreamonte then started to kill the planets inhabitants. Creator got angry, and attacked Dreamonte, but Dreamonte stopped him with his powers. Creator begged Dreamonte to stop, and said he would give Dreamonte anything he wanted. He could even be a God of his planet.

Dreamonte liked the idea of being a god of something living, and agreed. So Creator gave Dreamonte a crystal ball, and told him to chant the words;

"Orha, Orha, Orumm, Zarla, Ohma, Naeriz, Ora, Ora, Grachneil, Olluh."

Once Dreamonte had chanted these words his brain and heart were sucked into the ball, along with a chunk of his powers. Before Dreamonte could attack Creator, Creator quickly turned him into a statue.

Creator knew that Dreamonte would get his powers back soon, being in space, and so Creator teleported him into a deep cave in the depths of Earth. Creator quickly created many crystals that would hold Dreamontes powers back a little, but Dreamonte could just break through, with very weak magical blasts, allowing him to infect humans.

The infection would kill the human, but not instantly. It killed the humans at different times, but not quick enough to wipe out all the Humans and other animals.

One day a group of humans stumbled upon Dreamontes cave in the Medieval ages. This group of humans found Dreamonte, and thought of him as a divine god. They found many crystals, that had information locked inside them. They used these crystals to learn about Dreamonte. Once they knew everyhting about him, they put all the information into one crystal, and hid it.

Then they started to mine the area, and they found several more caverns. One was a large room, with many objects, new and old. Another cave had a massive jar, and it that jar lay the brain and heart of Dreamonte, now morphed together. The organs then started to live again, once the cave had been opened, and they started to transform into a creature. Known as Deaths Pet.

The group made many catacombs, and created many more rooms. After this they started their cult, called The Draye. Then they turned the rooms into cells, and ritualistic shrines.

But then, one day, Creator learnt of their discovery, and covered the entrance. The cult members were stuck in the caves for the rest of eternity for becoming Dreamonte's followers.

And too this day, that cave is still hidden, because if it was too be found, I cannot imagine what kind of hellish demons would be released upon this world, and what death Dreamonte would lay onto humanity.

I hope you liked it, and are looking forward to the first chapter of my novel which I shall post on here soon!

I hope you liked them, please rate and discuss them! :hero:

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Pretty impressive stories, good read. Thanks.

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Pretty impressive stories, good read. Thanks.
Thanks, at least someone gives me some feedback. :grr:

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Ok I've read The Man in the Meadow ... That was... like... REAlly Impressive man! I don't get it though ... like the end. I'm sorry because it's probably because i'm not English.
Did the guy die? sowwy :(

Really impressive

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So many story threads! I request a writing sub-forum! :p

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Me 2... I mean like ... there are some really professional writers here. This forum is even more creative than i thought O_O

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Yeah, the artwork and creativity should have a whole new section of the forums since the game that these forums were made for is very creative.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! I have also requested a Writing sub-forum, so hopefully we get one, and soon! :)

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Oh, First one was the bestest, too.

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Nice stories there. Keep up the good work! I liked the first one the most , but they were both great! Thanks for the good read.

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My new short story should be up there soon! It's a glance at the Draye, back in the medieval ages.