View Full Version : Jak and Daxter Remake

12-22-2016, 05:01 AM
Hello all. Years ago on LBP2 I announced that I was remaking Jak and Daxter. However, that never got finished. I had 2 LBP2 versions of Geyser Rock and really just couldn't do what I wanted to.

I'm working on the LBP3 version. LBP3 gives me much more tools to work with and it's turning out to be more true to the original game thanks to the them. This is in very early development, but I would like to share some photos with you.


I plan on making good progress over the next few weeks. I hope to share more information soon. For now, I only plan on recreating Geyser Rock. However, LBP3's tools give me the power to recreate the whole game. If Geyser Rock turns out well enough, I will consider remaking everything else.

Also, I'm looking for someone that can recreate the Geyser Rock theme. This would be a fantastic feature for the level.