View Full Version : How to: Import Pictures from your PS3 To LBP2

01-06-2017, 04:48 PM
Many have said it is impossible to import pictures directly to LBP2, as it is not a designed feature. Players have said again & again that the only way to get an image into the game is by taking picture of it with the PSEye. However, I have heard rumors of a work around that allows players to upload pure PNG/JPG images into the game as stickers, that don't require the use of a PSEye.

Now it can simply just be that, rumors...

But that is why I want to create this discussion, to at least put the rumors to bed.

If you will indulge me, we can experiment with the limitations of the PS3 and see, truly, if it is impossible to upload an image into the game.

One thing each rumor had in common, that in some way or another, the way to upload images into the game involve the content sharing feature, by sending messages to one another that includes the image, which can then be downloaded to your poppit.

now exactly how is ambiguous at best, confusing at worst.

The most simple version of the rumor is to send a message to yourself, through the use of another account or through email on your computer, which would include the image. then to open that image while in-game. how to do this is the first issue, & obviously the size, quality & file type is the second.

I myself am unsure if its even possible to send & open an image, as I have never tried to do so before. Someone else can attempt to do so, as I am unable to use my PS3 at the time of writing.

If Impossible to do normally, perhaps there is a way to mod your console in a way to make it think its LBP2 content being shared through message, or just a way to convert the file into whatever file type LBP2 uses as sticker images.

Finally the image size and quality of it, what ratio does the image need to be, and exactly what quality of image cant the PS3/game handle?

If you think you can help me test all this info out perhaps we can learn more about the inner workings of the games code.

Sir monacle
01-06-2017, 05:49 PM
I'm pretty sure it's only possible if you jailbreak your PlayStation 3. I could be wrong, however.