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03-23-2017, 05:56 AM
Hey guys!

Many guys say, that LBP3 was a bad game. I agree when you say, that there are many bugs that still exist and that this is really bad. But I personally had a few cool moments in the game.

I was creating a little bar and a small pathway outside of the building. When I started to create a sackbot, I got tired and it got boring. Well, I started to create some costumes and than I took 4 sackbots and gave them the costumes. I also gave them the 'slap' animation and turned the level into a versus level. Things started to get funnier and I was laughing really hard, when the sackbots had a fight in the little bar. I joined them and I could hit a few guys a few times. But than I got hit too. :D

What are your funny moments you had in LBP3? I'll be happy if I would hear some storys. :)

03-23-2017, 08:45 AM
Hahaha, ok, one of my best moments has been, when I've worked on a little Halloween music contest entry and I've got the idea to present the song within a bloody scenery! The scenery became rather realistic and so I decided to add a warning hint, that the content could be disturbing for little children! Cause of the deadline of the contest I relinquished the scenery and so its waiting on my moon to get unleashed on the community! *diabolic grin*

Many greetings, Jürgen

03-23-2017, 09:19 AM
Haha, something horrific called deadline made you scrap your horrifying scenery. :D That's actually funny.

Sir monacle
03-25-2017, 08:04 PM
My funniest moment? Probably the time Manglewood's last level ( and the little chunk where the level is) disappeared causing me to reset my level data. Or how about the time I spent a few hours on a level only for everything to act as if it was played in create mode after exiting from play mode, so everything that was supposed to be removed in play mode was actually removed in create mode. That was really funny. Perhaps it was the time I spent over 60+ on a game I don't even play.

I could go on, but I'm just swelled with joy!

03-26-2017, 11:56 AM
I actually don't have many memories from lbp3 except the few occasions I played with some friends. Kind of sad since the game have been around for a long time now and I've barely played it compared the lbp1 and 2.

But I remember a friend showing me a cave level once.
edit: Also that time I was partaking in a littlebignetwork crown contest on a backstory for the characters. I was shocked that it got so many plays so fast since my normal levels don't get that many plays, but now I got over a thousand in a relatively short time.

03-26-2017, 01:08 PM
Congrats, smash909, in the beginnings I always thought that the importance of the number of plays is highly overrated, but...its a cool feeling to see that many people play the creations one has published :)

03-27-2017, 03:59 AM
Great, let's talk about bad moments of LBP3 again.

I was angry, because something didn't work. Than I noticed, that one tag had the wrong colour. That was so funny that I was happy again.

03-28-2017, 07:22 PM
I definitely loved to play levels. I was a retired creator, so I really enjoyed playing so much levels in lbp3 :D

03-30-2017, 11:05 AM
I like to play TopDown shooters and platformers. Some of them are really great.

Come on, there are more guys who had some nice moments in lbp3. Something funny or cool. Something in create mode or story mode. Come on. I'd like to hear some storys.