View Full Version : Making circular motions in 3D

06-16-2017, 02:35 PM
Already published this in the level thread, just found out there is a tutorial space. Oops

Anyway, this'll teach ya how to make circle and sphere-like motions using the Z axis.

The "I know the basics of trigonometry" explanation is that the wave generator creates a sinusoidal wave, and when set to positional, it effectively translates a 0-100 input (Which represents a 0-360º angle) into its sine function, AKA the height of the angle. Pretty sweet. As for the cosine, the formula cannot be replicated easily, but you can always cheat a little bit. If you know trigonometry then you know that sine and cosine are basically the same, but one is 90º ahead of the other; so we just add 25% to the signal and voilá! This can be done by either using a wave generator set to 0.4 frequency with sync set to 0.1, effectively adding 25% delay, or by just tinkering with the signal. Do take note, the wave generator is not an operation or a formula and it takes time to update the vale, so it gets jittery with very quick changing signals, 0 and resetting values, etc. If you have the option to, a physical measure is more reliable.

The "what is this tree-go-gnome-a-tree you speak of" explanation can be found in a little level (https://lbp.me/v/q1kyg5c/reviews?p=1&l=12) I did. I tried to make it as base-level as possible so everyone who wanted to try such technology could do so.

If you've any questions feel free to ask