View Full Version : I know a bit of redstone

02-23-2018, 10:40 PM
Is it hard to build Redstone creatations? If you say "I can't do it!"
My reply is "Yet".
You need to try, to understand, switch your mind on, its only easy if you know creations from it.

Things I can do: Make a 2x2 piston door, make traps, know a lot of commands (fact: I built maps before usually horror on Minecraft maps, some are bad, [username: MagicalBeast137]), supporting contraptions .eg. Toggle-flip-flops, believe it or not a piston bunker, and probably a flying machine.

The obvious tutorials are from: Mumbo Jumbo, Grian (maybe), & JL2571 (maybe as well)

'Redstone is red, elevators up and down, redstone is fun, don't put a frown.'
- MineValubleOres