View Full Version : X2 areas completed alone.

Gentleman Tom
07-28-2018, 03:16 PM
Hi all, been a while but I jumped back into LBP1 for a live stream, and found myself doing the X2 player areas from Story Mode by myself. I didn't/couldn't do all of them, and only got halfway through the Story but here is the highlights of the stream with a little voice over to explain how I did it.

I'm sure there are other ways and I hope to try the other levels soon, but for now I thought you guys might be interested.


Thank you, and hope you enjoy. :)

07-28-2018, 04:40 PM
Hahaha, I can't imagine how much time and how many trials you needed to find all these solutions! :) I'm curious whether you also will find ways to do the x3 areas all alone! :) Thanks a lot for sharing your viedeo and have a fine weekend!

Many greetings, Jürgen^^