View Full Version : Follower - Lag - How do I keep the follower dead center of the tag?

12-04-2018, 04:48 AM
Every time I place a follower it will lag behind the object it is following and not stay dead on. How can I keep it dead center while following without bolting it down?

12-04-2018, 04:55 AM
It's not possible to set the follower speed any higher.

If you're talking about a HUD that is following a player, place down a advanced mover + the follower. Try to tweak it to the speed of the player.

12-04-2018, 05:05 AM
Thanks MDK, I ended up using a follower in conjunction with a remote control set to receive my controls. Player is controlling top down.

So my fix was a follower set to max and then when the follower is directly on the tag, the remote controllinator will just mimic all my commands and. So far no lag this way.

Should work for emitted objects as well. There may be a small scoot in the beginning, but once it gets dead center of the sack then it should follow suit. going to test it soon if the sack hits a wall and how will the follower react...

Well that didn't work, what I could do is maybe tag the walls to prevent the controllinator working in that direction when it touches the wall..

12-04-2018, 12:29 PM
Yes, use tags on all objects you can collide with. The tag disables the commands, making the follower the only thing. However if the player decided to just slide on the wall the follower would be the only thing. Maybe make the follower object collision based too?

12-05-2018, 03:29 AM
I am doing something very similar to that. Kinda crummy to have a follower that is always behind and in some cases can never catch up, even though its speed is faster...

12-06-2018, 11:43 PM
I believe the follower was slightly better in LBPV than LBP3 (lag would only be super apparent on a nested follow. I don't recall how it was in LBP2. I think it was in between). For top down/3D I always just make the player an invisible cardboard box using pistons for controls and make a sackbot follow that with animations. The lag isn't noticeable there and you can glue the HUD to the box.
*edit mover for movement, piston output for anything that needs to follow.

12-07-2018, 03:24 AM
I don't use sackbots, I use a custom made Sackboy for Battle with Zombies for example. I also use a movie camera that is placed on the HUD that is following the player.

12-10-2018, 01:57 AM
Does your hud wobble or lag behind? I might use a hud. Still thinking how to go about it. Numbered or hearts.

12-10-2018, 02:21 AM
Neither solution should do either. for mdkd99's solution if it's going over add a dampening at about 5% from the antigravity tweaker. If it wobbles add a gyroscope at full strength. I'm not sure about the lag with mdkd99's solution, but I know the sackbot as animation wouldn't lag as the lag is from the input but it's so small you don't notice it because of sackboy's slow acceleration (which you would have to account for in your logic to make it feel right).

12-10-2018, 10:01 AM
Since the movie camera is on the HUD and the follower is there too, the lag is only visible on the custom character. The character seems to lag behind a little bit. So I don't really use a technique to hide it.

Just place the HP and Stamina and whatever on a sticker panel or glue it together and place the camera on the sticker panel with the follower as well.

12-11-2018, 03:32 AM
I’m going to let the enemies decide how I will handle the hp situation.

If I can create a horde without FPS going to crap then a numbered hp bud will be how I go.

You two are awesome, thank you.

I have never used a hp meter in a level before and toying around with logic for one in lbp 3 has been fun.