View Full Version : I need help with underwater air bubbles/the Bubble Machine from the PotC DLC

10-08-2019, 05:32 AM
this ****ed device allows you to place an 'air pocket' underwater, which leaks bubbles, allowing your sack person to breathe if they swim through it, however, the device itself, unlike other tools & widgets, does not have any options, and therefore lacks the ability to be hidden during actual gameplay.

so once placed, it starts spouting bubbles, but every so often you will see through the bubbles & see the bubble machine.

a big muck off yellow and glowing neon white circle that looks like an air vent...

now when your attempting to do a theme for your level that doesn't involve seeing a big yellow air vent, for instance, if you are making a glass dome that has a crack in it, and has air from the inside of the dome leaking out, creating bubbles, you cant bloody do that, since the bubble machine doesn't have a hide option! id either have a vent ontop of a crack in glass, which looks ugly & makes no sense, or place it in the behind the glass, and still see the friggin vent since the glass is see through

if the foreground wasn't glass, itd be easy, I can easily hide the bubble machine behind a solid object, but since its glass, I cant!

please tell me theres a solution to this

10-13-2019, 09:52 PM
You can place the air bubble generator inside a microchip, which will make the microchip generate bubbles, and can be left invisible.

11-06-2019, 06:42 AM
that works?! :boo: