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03-12-2009, 08:38 PM
Mirror's Edge and LBP were too incredibly ambitious titles last year. One sold fantastically and critics went mad, and the other...well...not so much. However, I was a fan of Mirror's Edge. I thought it was quite innovative and creative. I think that if Mirror's Edge came out during the summer game drought, it would have done much better. Following the release of Mirror's Edge we saw a couple LBP levels based upon the game, one of which was a huge success and was featured on "Cool Levels". I hated the level, though, thought it was mediocre at best. Will SASGUNR's version be any better?

The game maintains the clean look of Mirror's Edge, which was what seems to have made the bad guys in Mirror's Edge bad, and incorporate the game's runner vision. So it's perfect, and if I gave out numbers for levels I would give the visuals a 10 because it fits the games but I DON'T!


There's no story here...at all. Some people might complain about this but I found it to be acceptable as it's one of those game-based levels which should really just summarize the game or emulate the feel of the game, and this level does the latter. There's almost no dialogue at all besides the part where you have to jump on the plain, but that's perfectly acceptable also. There was little dialogue in the demo, too. :p

Oh, just so you guys know, this level has some custom music in the beginning, and it's pretty bad. The main problem with custom music made in LBP is that it's hard to make a steady rhythm. This level is proof of that as the song sounds like it's being played by a man whose fingers were cut off, but it does a really neat transition into the music which matched the level pretty well.


In case your wondering the level I'm talking about above is the second level. It's clearly the best of the two. It is longest and most original of the two. SASGUNR, while making the first one, seemed to have the same problem I struggle with when it comes to making original platforming elements. The same jumping and jumping from one platform to the other is what the original suffered from, but the second is a vast improvement and very well put together.

One thing I wanted was more wall running sections. Wall running was really cool and really creative, and I really commend you for it. I just wish you would have put it in more places. There's only like, one per level! :mad:


SASGUNR's Mirror's Edge levels are decent. Aren't amazing, not bad, but decent. You'll get a good amount of entertainment from them, but chances are it won't be your new favorite. Sorry, SAS, you are yet to defeat Tree Fortress 2. Oh, and when I say decent, I mean it's FUN! Yes, FUN! I mean I liked it, gave it 4 stars and all that, and FUN! should be what we as players and wannabe critics should consider a standard.

03-13-2009, 07:58 AM
Awesome review, thanks! I know it's not much of a level though, but I made it in about 2 hours.:p