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03-16-2009, 08:37 PM
It seems I have a horrible habit of underestimating levels. Did it with Heart of the Flip-Side, did it with the Mirror's Edge levels, even did it with the best level ever. And I'm sure there are some other people who decide what levels they want to play by name. So here's a message to all you creators out there: stop using the word "sack" in your level titles. It's gotten so horribly old and unoriginal, making your level seem nooby (yes I invented that word). But this level should serve as a lesson that you certainly can't judge a book by its cover...or its title at least...

I didn't follow the story at all, but it seems that there really is one. There may be one, maybe something explained by the moving head at the beginning, but I didn't pay attention. Just waltzed right past him. I saw some big words, then ran. It's a beautiful level, though. Really well made and had some great lighting.

You begin the level with a cool, but incredibly simple puzzle. Just pray to Amon Ra or whatever his name is, spell a word, then jump on a button. THen you're free to leave...The prayer thing that reoccurs through the level is really nice, though.

The thing about this level is, though that it's...so short. Almost too short. Could run through it in less than 2 minutes if you really wanted to. That, and there aren't many memorable moments, so either it's short or I have really bad memory. All I remember is the puzzle at the beginning, a part where I got some jet pack and got some points, a part where I swung across some water droplets, and when I fell into some pit and some spikes where gonna kill me, and I'll probably forget most of those within the next half hour. And I'm PRETTY sure that was the level. The end is very anticlimactic, too. But maybe this is part of a series or something, in which case the number one at the end of the level would have helped.

Don't get me wrong, Forgotten Relics is good at what it does, but doesn't do much. It would have been nice to see a section for each IMPORTANT Egyptian god (because I know there was a lot of them), but unfortunately there isn't. It's a very pretty level and has some nice puzzles, but that's about it. But dkwhathisface has a lot of potential, and if I scared you off from playing this level (which I think you should give a shot if you still feel like it interests you), I do recommend you to try out his other stuff.

If you're too lazy to read the whole review: Forgotten Relics is a good enough level but is too short and lacking memorable moments.

03-17-2009, 03:12 AM
Thanks for the review. I would do it up, but I'm working on a new level, and want to focus on that. Who knows, one day I might remake it.