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03-24-2009, 08:04 PM
Well, the recent closing of the Spam Can helped me realize that this site is indeed an LBP site and that the end is near. So, I might as well do this review... :grr:

Resident Evil Sackocalypse is, of course, a zombie level made by Linenman, also known as Fabbie Sack here on the forums. This will be my second zombie level ever, and what Hamsalad and Fabbie think of when it comes to zombie levels seem very similar. However, how each turned out was different. So which is better? Fabbie's Resident Evil Sackocalypse or Hamsalad's Zomg Zombiez?


We all know an LBP level has NEVER ever been scary. Ever. There have been attempts, but sack boy is just too cute and the game is overall too goofy. But Sackocalypse has a good atmosphere regardless. Good lighting, very good looking zombies, and while it isn't scary, the level succeeds at creating a somewhat tense feeling when walking around burning cars that have been flipped upside down and flickering lights.

The checkpoints in Sackocalypse aren't generous, but it's not really a problem. I was able to make it through the level in my first play, and so should you. The zombies aren't difficult to kill either. You can walk right behind them, then jump up on their heads. But this is alright. You still have no reason not to kill the zombies unless you don't like getting points and being good at video games. The boss is horribly easy, too. It's slightly frustrating, but not because the boss keeps killing you. No, it's frustrating because Sack Boy slides when he stops running.

In some levels, it's all about story. This level does not fall into that category, so I guess that Sack Boy was exiled from Little Big Planet and piloted his space ship to Earth. He lived in a cave for some time until his evil twin brother, Xenomorph, decided it was time to kill the humans once and for all by unleashing the living dead. Then Sack Boy sets off to defeat Xenomorph by getting the 12 crystal shards, but runs into some girl who, if I'm correct, has no name and asks you to help her friend die. (Nevermind. It's based off of the 2004 movie, Resident Evil Apocalypse.)


Sackocalypse has a lot of nice spots that you can't help but appreciate in terms of originality. There aren't any different types of zombies when it comes to attacks (besides the boss of course), but I liked seeing different looking zombies. There are male zombies, female zombies, police zombies, and dog zombies. That's definitely more than Hamsalad's 100 same green zombies then one zombie with 3 brains. Sorry, Ham! I riding the helicopter ladder up to the boss instead of the usual "grab the random floaty" thing that so many of us are guilty of.


Overall, Resident Evil Sackocalypse is a good level with an obvious amount of time and effort put into it. The atmosphere of the level is matched by few levels (Little Big Dead Space) and is cool. However, it's lacking different types of zombies, which I crave so much. Ham, Fabbie, whoever makes a level with a fat barfing zombie wins in this zombie war. Good luck to both of you, and godspeed. :p

03-24-2009, 08:41 PM
The end is near? What do you mean by that?

03-25-2009, 12:03 AM
The end is near? What do you mean by that?

The end of the world. :mad:

03-25-2009, 04:39 AM
LOL .. that has to be the funniest review I've ever read hahaa, thank you.

I guess perhaps you really would have had to have seen the Resident Evil movie trilogy to appreciate the story (which would have been hard to give in any sort of detail lol).

In the 2nd in the series of movies the girl (Alice) wakes up in a hospital room and has to figure her way out. Only to discover, once she does, that while she has been in a coma the world has been over run with hordes of zombies.

The boss (Nemesis) is the result of her friend (actually, she was beginning to fall in love with him at the end of the 1st movie) Matt having been attacked/scratched by one of the Lickers (an Umbrella Corp experiment), in the 1st movie.

Mahem hence ensues lol.


lol just a little frizzier hair hahaha.

Thanks for the review!