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  1. I need help with logic

    Hey guys, since a week now, I've been trying to do a sackbot able to do a double jump for a level i'm making, yet since I'm pretty awful with logic i'm not able to making it. Can you guys help me?

    Thank you for helping if you do

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  2. Goodbye LBP2 Montage

    I am going to make a Goodbye LBP2 Montage. But I need some submissions! If you could send in a 5-7 second clip of anything in LBP2 that would help! Submit as many clips as you like! I will give credit to every clip by PSN Name. I plan to release it sometime in November of this year toward the Little Big Planet 3 launch. YouTube video will be upload on teatrees100.

    I plan on using this music.

    If you want to submit music ...
  3. Why hello everyone!

    My name is Ramon, I'm from California. I have been a fan of LittleBigPlanet even before I owned my own PlayStation 3. I would go over to a friends house and play it for hours with him, having a good time. I have also been a member of LittleBigPlanet Central for a while now but never really got around to being active, so I am doing that now. If any one you want to spend some time on LittleBigPlanet finding and playing unpopular level that deserve many plays, send me a message on here or PlayStation(threat_2_all). ...
  4. RPGP Entry 12: Logic Ain't Pretty

    My UI logic stuff never looks nice... I mean this isn't even 100% done and look at it! Okay well there aren't going to be any more wire going every which way, but still. Now I know I could have done all this wirelessly but stuff often goes wrong if you're not especially careful. Considering I did this at 3am, I'm not being especially careful. Now of course, it DOES work. I've tested it somewhat thoroughly and ...
  5. RPGP Entry 11: Things are Heating Up

    UGHHHHHHH! Now I have to worry about the thermometer!!!!!! It's not too big of an issue but I definitely have to redo the skills menu as there is no way I can include as many stickers as I have done. Fortunately that's the only thing it seems to be getting mad at me for. Everything else is peachy.

    Not much to share as the stuff I have worked on today is half done (in no shape to be shown) so I will simply leave you with another Ultima costume (this time in video format just ...
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