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  1. Circling Choo Choo: Avengers 2

    Have you seen the trailer for the Avengers 2? It’s a pretty neat teaser, especially in how they referenced “I’ve Got No Strings” throughout it. Though, call me a traditionalist, I’ve always preferred “When You Wish Upon a Star.” You know the one. It goes, “When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are. Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

    Wait a minute. Anyone get’s whatever they desire so long as they wish upon a star? Anyone? So you’re telling me that if Hitler ...

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    Circling Choo Choo
  2. mdkd99 - My fifteenth blog


    Hi guys,finally I've got some news!!!

    - The map design of Snow base is in progress.The shadow graphics are more realistic!

    - In Snow base you will hear deep winds.I wanted to make a realistic atmosphare and there it is.

    - I will make different gun sounds for ALL guns.It's going to sound cool.

    - I'll make new grenade sounds.

    - I'm able to continue LBP Vita,but I'm afraid of the save problems.Everytime,when ...
  3. The Day My PS4 Arrived...(Condensed in small intervals)

    8:00 AM

    My quiet cubicle at work is suddenly interrupted by a loud ring from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I quickly dart to the phone sitting on the right edge of my desk and notice I got a message from ebay. The PS4 has been delievered? Its only been a day, this couldnt be right. I stealthily hid my phone from the wondering eyes of my noisy manager.

    I take an early bathroom ...

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  4. My first LBP2 level! "The Way Home" - the making of

    Hello everybody! First blog post here, and a little reminder to let you know that I have joined LBP Central a short while ago.

    Right off the bat, here is the news: I have finally managed to create a level! And not just a level, but a complete and playable one!

    What's the only thing that may prevent testing?
    Well, there is only the bugged and unpolished version online right now, and PSN is offline. Which means The Way Home won't see... well, the way online anytime ...
  5. mdkd99 - My fourteenth blog

    It's been a while,since I've posted something,so here are the news:

    - The release date of 'Snow base' is NOT going to be the end of october...The school KILLS me!

    - I had no chance to continue my plans on 'Dead Zone',because of the fact that my Vita was a idiot to me!It was turning off and saying 'battery is empty',altough the Vita was full...

    - Anyways,I've got ONE thing,which isn't negative:The level 'snow Base' will have locked places you can UNLOCK. ...
    Level Ideas
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