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  1. Technical Issue?

    Is anyone else getting Database Error when they try to reply to a post?
  2. I Want To Beat Littlebigplanet Hub

    I want to be done around the time Littlebigplanet hub debuts. I think it will be the perfect time to release the game. I think we do a lot of things here that will rejuvenate LBP2 for whatever life is left of it.

    Less complex but more fun
    When designing CC, I have really begun focusing less on features and more on just finishing. Polishing what we have and getting ...
  3. Wip: Shelter

    I have a new project chugging along, and it means ALOT to me. so, when I finally publish it I want it to be amazing!

    it is along way from being done though. so be patient.
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  4. Power-Up: Cancelled

    Two months ago, I said that I was working on a grand level called Power-Up, which is using the new tool, the memorizer. However, after nearly finishing up that second level, I just got bored of working on it.

    Actually, I got bored of making levels in Little Big Planet. Not only that I'm out of creativity, but I phased out. I have no more interest in making levels, but I still feel proud of my Tile Turmoil level and what it achieved. If you wish, you can try Tile Turmoil. I'm not advertising, ...
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  5. Unnecessarily Ranking: Gelatin Dessert

    When I say gelatin dessert, I am referring to what, at least in the U.S, we call “jello.” Let’s not call it that in order to help prevent the further degradation of Jell-O’s trademark into a generic name.
    (I wonder how long this plan will last.)

    This picture might come in handy later.

    Basically, it’s little cups ...
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