1. Why do people always say LittleBigPlanet is floaty?

    When you compare it to other platformers I think Sackbooy is far too heavy.
    Yeah I know when you lower the gravity it can get floaty, but on standard gravity Sackboy's jump is far too weak.

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  2. My entire LBP PS Vita profile just got corrupted...

    As if I didn't have enough of a reason to hate LittleBigPlanet Vita.
    My entire moon has just been erased now. All of my projects. Gone in an instant.

    Lucky for me I had a backup save. But I'm sure the backup will be corrupted as well because God hates me.
  3. There goes one of my projects.

    I booted up LBP Vita today and noticed a new update was available. I installed it and played normally. I found a level that reminded me I have a project I've been working on. I try to load it, and I get the "failed to load level" error. It had to have been from the update, I thought, as it worked perfectly fine before then. I tried all the fixes I could, but nothing would let me open it. I eventually gave up and deleted the level, wiping my hours of progress away in less than a second.
    I ...
    Tags: panic, worrying
  4. I'm getting really tired of all these silhouette platformers in LittleBigPlanet.

    I see too many of these. You're a featureless sackboy with white neon eyes exploring a minimalistic world. The ground is black. The background objects are grey. The background is one color, probably red or blue. Typically there's at least one puzzle that involves pushing grey boxes. It's just so boring. Why is that there are so many of these levels?
    Tags: rant
  5. Snibbidy snab

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