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  1. koltonaugust's Avatar
    Hey SilverTriforce7, Thanks for the feedback! I get what you are saying about the controls. I figured some of the things were mapped weirdly. That's mainly why I posted the level as I figured some things were awkward and people would be able to post feedback like you
    As for the sliding while dashing do you mean map it to the down directional pad button? That could be done and I suppose that would make sense as well. I could just make it both when dashing to satisfy everyone.
    Yeah, two of the spells were for combat. The spell wheel I know what is wrong with it so the fix should be pretty easy. (it's that the touch sensors activate while the wheel is turning so you get the what seems like a rejection of a turn).
    As for the spell selection I'll experiment with what looks best for spell names. I was going to add a note with the name to each bubble but I got lazy.
  2. SilverTriforce7's Avatar
    Hey, I really liked the Bot level you posted. Like you said it does need some work, but I can see some great potential from this.

    Since you said you wanted feedback,
    First off the controls seemed weird for some things. Like the punching on dpad didn't make much sense to me, and I felt the slide while dashing should be mapped to pressing down or something(just a personal preference)

    I couldn't really make out the spell system, because I didn't really know what two of the spells did. I'm assuming it was for combat. But they all seemed to work well. I also really like the wheel mechanic(even though somewhat glitchy), the swiping to change spells quickly and then holding if I wanted to select one with taking as much time as needed. If I were you, I'd add a magic mouth when clicked on in the spell menu to inform the player what spell they're selecting. The level system also seemed great! Not sure how much grinding I'd have to do to actually go up as many levels as I did, but still.

    ...all in all, for being kinda glitchy, I did enjoy my experience. And can't wait for the next build to be playable
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    Yay! That sounds like an excellent idea! Hopefully I'll get to see what you end up creating. As for the lag I mentioned earlier, I believe the portability makes up for it but if you are used to LBP2, it is hard to switch.
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    Now you've made me curious and I think I will have to start to do my first attempts in creating a level in Vita!
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    I can see where you're coming from. I just think LBPV has ruined my view on logic because the lag grows so quickly on it. In LBP2 I love seeing stuff with wires hanging everywhere (though placing the wires on LBP2 is a bit more of a chore imo), but vita, nope.
  6. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi koltonaugust, I cannot agree with you, to me logic is pretty, the wires sometimes are making astonishing pattern, I think that they are aesthetically appealing!