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  1. Had another 2D Sonic the hedgehog dream.

    About once every 2 weeks or sometimes just once a month I seem to have 2D Sonic the hedgehog dreams. They are like the classic mega-drive games. Except with HD sprites. Sometimes the dreams are a mix of 2 zones I’ve played before on the real games. Sometimes like today not so as much. The zone was perhaps little similar to levels I’ve played before. But not a exact copy by any means.

    The zone… if i remember right was high up in the sky I think. Or maybe not, memory is little fuzzy ...

    Updated 06-04-2012 at 08:53 PM by Lord-Dreamerz

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  2. Lame internet connection

    Huh... Been ages since last i've played with anyone on LBP ... like well over a year, o.o ...I think the last time i got to play with a friend was the first 3 months LBP2 came out... Sure i am still on the game almost everyday... nowadays i just mostly create... well i guess that's one thing being forced alone has done... turned me in to a better creator... i did not create much when i could still join my friends on the game. i would just mostly hang out with my buds.

    if anyone wonders ...
  3. 100%ed MOVEPACK!

    Welp. I got everything in the MOVEPACK done and completed... took me a a little while. (>.>)
    and now with that out of the way... it's back to creating levels for me now.

    I can''t wait to try out and use all this new stuff!

    PS: I will never create a level where you need to use the MOVE.
    even after playing the pack. as fun as it was. The MOVE is not my kind of thing.
    but I should still be able to make good use ...

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  4. Bored. So how much did you guys pay for your MOVE & PS3-EyeCam?

    just like the name of blog says.
    I'm bored and would like to know How much did you guys pay for yours?

    I payed...

    21$ for A brand new MOVE, got it off of eBay.
    15$ for PS3-EyeCam, Got it off of eBay used.

    Ha. all together I only payed 36$ for all this stuff.
    I feel kinda sorry for the people who payed over 70$ for that stuff.
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  5. Bloody Emitters!

    at the beginning of my level i been working on there is a piece of holo
    with an emitter on it that emits another holo with a set of logic
    that emits diffident things randomly... well when i was working today
    i noticed that the first emitter stop emitting the next one with the logic,
    when i gone to look i notice it's not even showing up in the emit pic????
    the thing it was suppose to emit is no longer in it's memory. (ಠ_ಠ)
    it's just blank.... ...
    Tags: logic
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