1. Unstable Decoration LBP2 Glitch

    I'm kinda disappointing in MM. They should have fixed this by now.
    It is a bug where if you put Deco on your Sack like per-say half way under a Hat,
    While in your Moon or play-mode in any level The Deco will always show no matter what is over it,
    just tilt your sack around close up to see it good, this is not a "Backward Compatibility Issue"
    this is a Problem on LBP2 all together with any Deco + Sackthing people,
    I had reported this months ago like 2 times, I’m ...

    Updated 02-17-2011 at 03:45 AM by Lord-Dreamerz

  2. Oh. Like Where are all the new people?

    So now. Is it just me or no matter how many new people join this place,
    no one ever stays truly around? I mean. Pretty much the same 50 or so people
    who are active at all on this forum have been the same group of Sacks as ever? :0
    i mean come on! we are lucky to get1 True active member a month~ and someone
    else always seems to leave at that point xD Yoho~ Boring :/ I hope when LBP2
    comes out we get a lot more active members, Sorry I'm bored of seeing the same ...
  3. ~Woah... So much stuff to make~

    Hi Sozo here,
    just going over some things im making/
    plan on making, Lets see...
    Im working on Sackbot logic in beta...
    making a custom jump system is harder then you'd
    think, now im gonna work on having a sackbot jump
    left to right slowly going up a wall logic,
    if you don't understand i mean a sackbot that can
    jump from 1 side of a wall to the next side back and forth
    until it makes its way up, example would be like from
    some of the ...
  4. Walk! you can do it boy...YOU CAN DO IT!... you dumb piece of junk~ :L

    Well im working on a Fake boss for A preview of the LBP2 level series i'll be making,
    anyways~ it don't really need much logic or nothing it just needs to walk and to do one attack for the vid,
    Simple right? nope~ its a 4leged monster and it looks awesome :3... however... it walks badly :E *mew
    its close to walking good bad not at the sametime, it keeps slowly walking backwards even tho
    it looks as if it should go forward (@_@) dumb confusing thing~ I want it to walk ...
  5. *No Sleep Zone* Horaaay!!!

    Howdy world I Am Sozo
    your one and only Crazy host with the most¡ *mew
    and the now is a no sleeping zone Ya ya ya~
    i'v not been to Sleep in over 32 hours, AWESOME AM I right?
    Im slowly loseing what little Sanely i have Yohohooo!
    and my Eyes BuUurNnn! yes yes i know you all my take your
    heads out of the dirt in Aw~ no neeDz to hold back
    HaHhaaha, clearly im not right in the head right now
    so please ignore 33% of what i say until i get rest, Kukukuku... ...
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