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  1. mixinghoney's Avatar
    Cool Images !!
  2. jd-96's Avatar
    I played little big planet today and I saw a level from the beta littlebig planet 2 and it was the tower if whoop you should all go and check it out it's awesome !!!!
  3. YEAH_NAH's Avatar
    you can't change your PSN hunted, something to do with the DLC messing up if you changed your name
  4. huntedstorm's Avatar
    you could change your username?
  5. YEAH_NAH's Avatar
    Iz told youz how >:l
  6. AA_BATTERY's Avatar
    Cos it waz meant to be mah main account but the saves didn't go to that account
  7. huntedstorm's Avatar
    and... what? why? how? when... oh I get it
  8. illuminationx's Avatar
    I don't use my LBPCentral name for LBP, what's the big dealio?
  9. Doopz's Avatar