1. Wendago Wood~ Costumes


    Hi all, Just letting you know that I am publishing a new level today called Wendago Wood~Costumes . Its a new costume level ^_^ !!! I am reallly happy with this level. All of the costumes Include dlc. There are also costumes included in the scoreboard. The level runs best with one player, but you can play with more (may lag a bit).

    Well, anyways, I am off to my ps3 and LBP2 to Publish my level.... I hope to see you there !!!! ^_^
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  2. How to-Costume Design Blog 1 Skin making LBP2

    How To- Costume Design Blog


    Skin Making in LBP2

    tutorial 1: skin/ matching skin

    The best thing to know while making a costume is to know how to make your skin perfect and have all added facial stuff match, i.e. adding lips, makeup, etc. unmatched skin tones can break a costume and make it look bad, so in this tutorial i will teach you the basics in making skins for your sackperson. The do's and don't on matching skins, ...
  3. sackboy adventures: hotel of doom (in sackboys mind)

    Friday 27 may 2011
    well today was sackboy's day to go to work to with me. So in this blog imma going to tell you of his adventures at the hotel of doom. of course you know sackboy has a very vivid imagination, sooo i'm not sure how much he made up.... so heres what he told me what happened..........

    It was a fair morning, I just woke up in my comfy hideaway in my brown leather computer bag and I realized my best bud cal was going to take me on an adventure today to her work, ...
  4. steampunk: Sunset City vid out now

    Hi all, i finally started a youtube channel and my first test was a vid of one of my levels. sooo heres the vid

  5. Steampunk Ball, Cambridge, MA 2011

    Hi all,
    I wanted to share the pics from the steampunk ball I went to last saturday!!!! the event was a lot of fun and I got some great pics and vids from it. It was located downtown cambridge ma. Almost every person there was dressed up in costume. It was A lot of fun and well worth the 30$ entry fee. So any who heres a pic:
    the band

    the rest of the pics are in album ...

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