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  1. L.O.O.M. Development Journal Entry 2

    So at this point I'm starting on the Trailer, which will probably be turned into the beginning of the first level.

    It'll with the camera moving through a few doors (thank goodness for the sideways camera glitch) And then see a patient bed that seems to have someone under covers (making it look realistic MAY be a problem)

    I'd like to take a moment to give you a pretty big Idea of the story:

    Now named, Mr. Parking has a severe case of Madness. His mind ...
  2. L.O.O.M. Development Journal Entry 1

    Finally, after almost a year. I have a project worth talking about.

    Life Outside Of the Madness

    It's already forming on my Moon. It begins in a Mental Hospital. In a single room a Strange man (think Dr. Higginbotham) He's gone mad and we enter his dream. Inside is a sackboy (A.K.A. You) It's basically a platformer. But eventually you'll get caught into something more sinister.

    Inspirations: Sewing, it's something that you might associate with madness. ...