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  1. robotixpro's Avatar
    Try uploading them a small batch at a time.Sometimes the internet will tend to not do what you want it to.
  2. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    I understand, xtreme never will...
  3. alexgangsta4's Avatar
  4. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Nobody noticed, he did make Wiggler World 3, not published...
  5. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    Maybe the reason xtreme thinks you're lying is because you tell all these stories about famous peop;e and how you were with them all along. Not trying to diss you but I can see how people wouldn't believe you. I'm not saying I don't but..
  6. Spencer591's Avatar
    i had a 40gb for like 3 years then it got ylod (hdd corrupted so i punched it) got a slim it was garbage so i traded it for the original backwards compatible 60gb best ps3 made :D
  7. Spencer591's Avatar
    the wiggler is gone? well that sucks
  8. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Yessssssssssssssssss?! IIIIIIII donnnnnnnnnn't knowwwwwwww!
  9. Dragonvarsity's Avatar
    ///////////////////////// Am I doing it right?
  10. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    2 and a half years for your info!!!!!!!!!
  11. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    So have I, I hope there are no YLOD on slims, or it could be a slim chance! Geddit?
  12. alexgangsta4's Avatar
  13. TOXIC_KILLA_'s Avatar
    lol , the same happened to me , i've got 3 ylod on the same system , at lasr i had to let him go...
    oh well, i got a slim now
  14. majormel84's Avatar
  15. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Wrong, I am friends of bak and thi, thi gave me, bak showed me. OK?
  16. xtremesackboy's Avatar
    You really enjoy taking cred for crap you didnt even do. Admit it. I'm 15, had the game for 2 years, most of my levels have been published near then and republished countless amounts of times, and dont even have 30 hearts yet, even though my one level has almost 800 plays!
  17. dman517's Avatar
    0_0 Dude........
  18. alexgangsta4's Avatar
    Tripple actually.
  19. AA_BATTERY's Avatar
    whats wrong with double trophies
  20. ARD's Avatar
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