1. Start of New Short Story (work in progress)

    I gazed longingly out at the night sky; my vision obscured by my swollen eye-lids and the wrought iron bars. The light from the stars and moon cast a large rectangle of ethereal light over my naked body, bruises and long rivulets of dried blood standing out in stark contrast against my milky-white skin. The moon was full, an omen that was special for my supposed kind. But for me, this night held only one special meaning, the eve of my death.

    I lay down wincing as my sore muscles ...
  2. General Stuff

    Decided I'm going to start trying to blog more regularly instead of posting occasional "mammoth" blogs . Though this could turn into one anyway... we'll see.

    So my life's pretty boring at the moment. Can't find a job so not much cash though my parents are giving me some cash for doing some of the more annoying chores around the house.

    I ended up failing one of ...
  3. General Gaming Progress and thoughts on E3!

    I'm about to play Pain for the first time but since I've never played it before I have to sit through 1.5GB of updates first.

    So I decided to write a blog about my latest gaming adventures .

    I guess the biggest and most relevant news is that I've finally started messing around with the create mode in LBP... what the hell took me so long I know . Only made a few simple things, a simple but perfectly functional Rocket Car and a simple but completely hazardous rocket ...

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  4. Oblivion Progress

    Just realised Aid for Bruma was optional... still got some good Transcendant Sigil Stones! The Feather ones are awesome!

    Level 22 at the minute.

    Strength: 94
    Intelligence: 100
    Willpower: 75
    Agility: 100
    Speed: 100
    Endurance: 90
    Personality: 55
    Luck: 65

    83 hours with this character... think that's the longest I've ever stayed with one . So yeah, pretty much addicted again. Started buying houses... own ...

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  5. PSP Mini-Reviews I

    Hey. A lot of people are getting interested in the PSP lately so I thought I'd blog some mini-reviews of my favourite games.


    I'm really astounded by the quality of this game. Released back in September 05, Gripshift is a hybrid game of four genres, Puzzle, Platform, Driving & Action. A strange combination to be sure but a very successful one. At first Gripshift seems like a strange racing game with crazy tracks. The controls take a little getting used to, ...

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