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  1. Frank-the-Bunny's Avatar
    i try to play without cheats on one game, then one i have all the money and everything, still my pure guy is further along then the other
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    Well didn't get any comments the last time I put something there... well one but on a different thread.

    I might post it there when I'm finished .
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    Ooho, interesting. I like it a lot, but if you really want people to read it I recommend putting it in the Creative Writing forum, inside Artwork & Creativity.
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    Hey, Burrich. Im really new to the lbpcentral community but its been great so far. Really enjoyed reading your blog. (i always love to know what my fellow gamers are up to). Haha, if you ever need somebody to fool around with on PSN i have several games including LBP and a mic. So feel free to add me if you want. PSN: Deliberent

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    Thanks for reading man. I never know if these will be interesting or boring... the pretty pictures help at least .
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    Wow, that is quite a mammoth blog! Worth the read though as it gave an insight into the gaming industry....well, into the games any way.
  7. Burrich's Avatar
    I suppose once you're over a certain amount of money in the game anyway, you can buy anything. So cheating at that point is no big deal.
  8. robotiod's Avatar
    The way i did it was the scrolls glitch. multiplying an item millions of time and selling them. It takes a while but its cool to see your money go up. I only spend about an hour at a time doing it (the rest gameplay) but it amounts up.
  9. Shadowcrazy's Avatar
    Infinite Money - Dorian

    Note: This has been corrected by the Oblivion 1.1.511 patch.

    This glitch specifically occurs with the NPC Dorian, who lives in the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City. If you kill him, you can repeatedly loot his corpse for gold, and the gold never disappears from his body. You can keep doing this until eventually after a few days his body disappears. (If you clear the hard drive cache on the Xbox, by holding A as the game boots, his body will no longer be there). It would be better to Paralyze him or drain his fatigue to make him fall. You could then pickpocket him and only get 40 bounty for each spell cast. When collecting the gold, do not select "Take All" or the game may freeze.

    The amount of gold that he initially has is random. To increase the amount of gold on his corpse, you can spend time bribing him before killing him. Repeatedly bribe him until his disposition has reached its maximum. To add even more gold, attack him then yield, and start over again.

    If you are a stealth-oriented character or are just quick with a blade, weapon or spell, you can quickly kill Dorian without alerting the guards. If you are not able to kill him quickly, it is best to first corner him so he can not run away. A good place to do this is the upstairs room in his house. First unlock and open the upstairs doors, then go back downstairs, find Dorian, and hit him once. With him chasing you, run upstairs to his room, close the door, and stand in front of it so he can not run away. Kill him and loot his corpse for the gold. By this time, the guards will have been alerted, so be sure to drop any stolen goods you are carrying before the Imperial Officer shows up. Choose to pay your bounty, using the gold you just looted from Dorian. Once you've finished settling the tab, return to Dorian's house, retrieve your stolen goods, and start looting Dorian's gold.

    The post-patch version of this glitch has two different methods. The first method is to paralyze Dorian and loot his body while he is paralyzed. The second method is to damage his fatigue until he falls down; you can then loot his body.
  10. Burrich's Avatar
    Woah... ok... I was pretty proud of my 70,000 or so :O.

    EDIT: How did you get that much gold? That's insane I mean the most you can make in any transaction is 1700 and you would have had to find or make 300,000 items worth that much... seems pretty difficult without cheating...

    EDIT 2: Well with Expansions it's 2500 but still that's 200,000 items.
    Updated 05-26-2009 at 12:59 PM by Burrich
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    I have half a billion gold on oblivion.
  12. Burrich's Avatar
    Yeah it's definitely worth checking out at least... and despite what the review says I did go back and get all the light seeds (only because my friend did the same and we had a competition to see who could do it the quickest... I lost).

    It's a good game, not outstanding but it's definitely enjoyable.
  13. feloneouscat's Avatar
    Huh... I guess I should have checked it out earlier...
  14. Don Vhalt's Avatar
    i hope you exams turn out ok.

    I've tests coming up soon but there not that important.