1. Planning Decent levels and series

    [SIZE="7"]Planning Decent Levels or Series[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"] Too often, Levels with Little to no story at all are published, or even copy published onto LBP,My goal, is to provide a guide on how to create levels that avoid this no story level affect on LBP.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE="4"] First off, When making a level, be sure you have an idea or plan on what exactly your level will be about.(what the theme will be, the color pallet, and overall how the level flows together)Before Entering Create ...
  2. Bored? Top 10 things to do on LBP when you are bored.

    [CENTER][SIZE="3"]Do you often Find yourself on LBP and bored out of your mind? [/SIZE][SIZE="5"]Top 10 Thing To Do on LBP When You Are Bored[/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [SIZE="3"]Here are a few things I like to do on LBP when i'm bored,
    1.Try making a Lvl or Joining a Friend
    2.Play a few Lvls on the community pages
    3.Join A Clan, Clan's Keep you busy (most do)
    4.Hit Quickplay
    5.Message Some friends on LBP, have a good conversation (LOL)
    6.Add me,im always on ...
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