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We call ourselves Box Of Dynamite. Currently, we are working on: waiting for LBPV beta (or retail release)

  1. lbp vita first impression: all of what you love, except for...

    As you guys know NA has received lbpv early

    Here are my first impressions on the game in terms of what you guys may and may not have heard of.


    The game is stunning. Shadows are crisper, textures are great, and models look fantastic.

    Unfortunatly, lighting doesn't have any fog options (oh well), and fire (no offence) looks dreadful (its the usual palette swap, but with WAY worse flame effects).

    The fire is ...
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  2. a poem

    We wake in need to see our person,
    yet what we see is a mask.

    We fixate on the end, and the trials we face,
    yet we disregard the forces that guild us.

    We laugh, smile and have fun,
    yet we cry, suffer, and feel pain.

    We believe life will never worsen,
    yet it always does.

    We run our lives through this endless race,
    yet there is no end nor trophy.

    We had once known why we run,
    yet ...
  3. oh hi there, almost didn't see you...

    writing a blog for the sake of writing a blog

    well, I'll deal with BOD news first:

    - stuff happened. Can't really talk about it. But Dan should have a level our by the end of June. (just an FYI)
    - 4 day weekend meant that I could work on Dan's level just like the old days. too bad I will not get the chance to do that again tell the end of June.
    - none of use will probably get into the lbp vita beta (which makes me sad)

    and the biggie: ...
  4. Just catching up on some stuff :)

    Just want to let you guys know what's going on with me and BoD

    I'll just get to it:

    1: I'm trying to make a persona 4 the animation tribute for that tribute contest, but (because of school) I only have about... 1/12 done (gulp)
    - It probably wont be done in time.
    - I'll work my but off during my 4 day week end, if i don't make much progress I will restructure the levels
    - If I can't make the deadline, I will make it it a movie level :/ ...
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  5. Hurray, lbpc is back up :)

    good to see lbpc back up after a long update process. everything looks spiffy and shiny and you guys should be commended for your efforts.

    To all of you who are coming back to lbpc:


    (jk) -mail :P
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