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  1. The Abyss episode 7: FEAR!!!

    I have the FEAR.

    That fear you get when you try to make something that you already know is great but are worried and scared that you will mess up.

    Ya that FEAR!

    i git pretty far in my battle system for Project: Horizon, and well....... i need to work on my transitions, my attacks, and well..... everything really.

    UGH. it worked basicly perfect in the beta but i feel like i'm lowering my system to mediocre. good thing i'll have beta testers ...
  2. The abyss: Episode 6: I HAS BEGUN!

    Well as the title suggests, Project Horizon (formally known as Ultima (the LBRPG)) is now in production (well actually we started yesterday the 20th)

    Ya, we finished a good chunk of chp.1 today, and are well on our way to dealing w/ the menu system. Wish us all luck at Box of Dynamite and the Others working on Project Horizon!!!
  3. The Abyss: Episode 4: The team so far!

    Ok as promased, i've got the team info for you. I'll start w/ the BoD Team first and work my way onto freelancers.

    Box Of Dynamite Team (so far)

    [Mail] A_mailbox: (myself) [founder] [head designer, head artistial design,VO, logic master]

    [Dan] DynamiteDanTNT: [co-founder] [overall designer, Character designer, VO]

    [Alec] Landdy: [Head music composer, cutscene co-designer, VO]

    [hero] YourHero101: [artistical designer] ...
  4. The Abyss: Episode 4: idk what to talk about lol.

    well... idk what to talk about.

    i know that next epidode, i'll tell you about the Box Of Dynimite team. but right now, idk.

    i've just scraped my battles, logic, and any lbp1 primitive things that wouldn't be good in lbp2.

    it was quick and crazy.

    the thermo droped FAST.

    from full to a quarter.

    sad that the beta servers are done.

    thats all i have sorry for the small and clueless post but i ...
  5. The Abyss: episode 3: Boredom-inator

    so i'm just sitting here a bit bored.

    The beta is now just blankly useless due to that fact that it ends tommorow and nothing we do now counts (or that we did in fact).

    I tryed playing lbp, but its just so wierd to play lbp1 after playing the beta.

    I guess i'll force myself to finish lbpc:the game and get out of there until release date!

    SOOOO.... close.
    Too bad lbp2 comes out the day BEFORE my science exam.

    Well ...
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