Nys' Marvelous Misadventures

Read about my exciting and cool adventures. (Which are really just some strange things that happen around me.) I post them here to (Hopefully) put a smile on your face. C:

  1. Cannonbaaaaall!!!1

    We got a million snow today ... Litterally. At some places it stacked up to over a metre. And the traffic was so bad we hit a new record.
    The road to school was long and full of dangers snow. I was about to rage about it blocking my way but then I saw how the wind blew over and against it, giving it a very nice and awesome look. When I returned from school, that dude with his crane had cleared the road, leaving big ice chunks at the sides. A classmate of mine made ice walls ...
    Tags: bike, lbp, lol, snow
  2. Festival Time!

    Woo! Just came back from Pukkelpop. And it was one big party!
    Which is awesome since the disaster that happened last year.
    Most of the dubstep artists came on thursday so I missed that but I still saw Dillon Francis, Feed Me, Chase & Status and Gemini and ... the Foo Fighters!
    With that, I did miss the next round of Super Clean-up Ball though ...

    Working on stuff, but that's secret for now.