Nys' Marvelous Misadventures

Read about my exciting and cool adventures. (Which are really just some strange things that happen around me.) I post them here to (Hopefully) put a smile on your face. C:

  1. Falling on my back and empty markers ...

    What? Title too random? .-.

    That real-life stuff:
    Well, I just went with some friends to play a game of paper football, after that we randomly decided: "Hey lets go to Marnik's house."
    So we went, and when I arrived there, I want to dismount my bike and then the wind blew, very hard. I was literally blewn away, and fell on my back.
    K, returning home on my bike was ... painfull. I arrived home and decided to color my Derpy sketch, of course, the marker gets ...

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  2. Holy cra- D:

    The stuff happened IRL:
    Man was I scared yesterday ...
    So I was watching a horror movie, and I randomly thought: "I want Iz Creem!!!1". So I went to the garage to get me some (Our freezer stands in the garage.). Off course, I didn't turn the lights on, and there was a dead body of a lamb hanging from the ceiling. (With no wool and skin and stuff.) so until I came very close, I didn't recognize something and then I was like: Aaaaagh, dead body! D: Scared the hell outta me.
    So: ...
  3. Another blog, yey!

    Stuff that happens on in real life:
    So uh, a blog ... By me ...
    Time for something cheery, 4 days until I get that sexy PSVITA.
    I sooo want that LBP.
    Nothing else to post, the sound of rain on my roof is putting me to sleep. *Yawns* I'll type some good stuff when I come back, yes?

    Stuff that happens in LBP:
    Errr, nothing, massive creators block on Russian Rocks, which came at the wrong moment.
    Also working around the "Apocalypse" series, ...
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