1. Well, this is going to be a long one...Or maybe not

    It seems that my living room TV isn't working properly anymore, so I won't be doing any LBP for a while, even though my queue's nearly piled up with Halloween contest and other levels that I might not review for a while...

    By the way, out of curiosity, how many hours does anyone spend in LBP? Even if it's just to create something random? I know when I make something, I really don't plan anything special since I've a very limited time to do LBP.
  2. New Level Coming Out?

    May publish a new level around this month, I hope.

    This new level is probably (or until circumstances arise) going to be my last one on
    LBP (Yes, I'm still playing LBP1). Hooray! Other than that, nothing's happening here...

    The theme for my level is kinda like some sorta colorful playhouse-like theme, and I'm
    at a creator's block right now as to how it should go.

    If you guys have any suggestions for obstacles (they can be
    either vague ...
    Tags: levels, new level
  3. It's Been A While...

    Hey guys!

    It's nearly almost three months and due to other stuff in real life, I had no chance
    or courage, to come up and write something really important.

    So my brother, who was tired of waiting for a GOTY edition of LittleBigPlanet 2 decided
    to buy a copy at the local Wal-Mart, much to my disappointment. He also doubted whether there was gonna be a GOTY edition. And I have to say that I did kinda miss out on a lot of exciting stuff when I played it, ...
  4. Obsessed

    Well, I bought Minecraft and now I'm hooked on to it...

    Though it's very slow...
    And I'm still working on my next level right now, which is still half finished as I
    haven't gotten most of the ideas out there yet.
  5. Another Good Game Round These Parts

    I found this game called Minecraft, and for some strange reason, I want this as badly
    as I want LBP2 (yes, I still do not have that game though my brother thought to buy it, he
    didn't, which is both good and bad).

    After watching a few videos online, and realizing this game was made from Java (the
    programming language I'm learning right now), I'm now sold! However, I've to pay $20
    for the miserable thing!

    Anyone care for a suggestion? ...
    Tags: game, interesting
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