1. Omega's real life adventures - Random Episode

    So...the guy of the bar always annoys me because he wants me to put a band with him and play some rock.
    He is off-pitch like a dying crow and well...he makes strange lyrics.

    Sometimes when I go to take some coffee he gives me a sheet with some text and he tells me to translate it in English and make some music for it.
    I usually read it while I get back to work, LMAO and put the sheet in the drawer.

    I just found some stuff that I translate for you... ...
  2. A little lesson

    Once there was a guy that raged very often, got into fights, hurted people.
    One day his dad gave him an hammer and some nails and told him:
    "Everytime you get angry with someone, instead of raging go in the courtyard and put a nail in the fence"
    And so the guy started to do as his father said.
    First day he put 50 nails...second week 40 nails, always less and less until one day he stopped to rage and stopped to put nails in the fence, so he went to his dad and asked him ...
  3. I like videogames!!!

    I love videogames.
    I have been playing videogames for a lifetime.

    Owned my Commodore 64 at the age of 5 but I was already used to play an Atari and a Colecovision at a friend's place.
    Switched to an Amiga 500 and with a friend we bought a Sega Genesis/Megadrive that we swapped weekly.
    We did the same with PS1 and Sega Saturn (then I purchased another PS to have it only for me)
    Then a PS2, a Gamecube and a Dreamcast I won at a ProEvolutionSoccer tournament. ...
  4. To be or not to be (spotlighted)

    Yesterday I shared my opinion about the community spotlights.
    What I said was not taken with a constructive mood, and a *****storm began.
    Posts containing even apologizies were erased, and I'm here now, trying to wash away the d!ck image that message deletion printed on me.

    I apologize with the staff once again, since I appreciate their work, God bless you, still I think that the system is getting broken.
    And it's not the staff the only responsible, but in a certain ...