1. Blog entry regarding LBP3 on PS3 and possible data transfer from PS3 to PS4 and back

    Alrighty, as some of you may know, LBP3 has been announced to come out on PS3 AND PS4, with confirmation via StevenI on Twitter:

    However, seeing as there is a PS3 version coming out, many questions popped up in my head, a few of which leading me to creating theories on what the answers may be. Here are those few questions:

    1. Will we be able to transfer our Pins from LBP2 (PS3) to LBP3 (PS3), and use them on ...
  2. Wow, it's been a looong time!

    Yep, I haven't been posting ANYTHING on this forum in ages! Forums were slowly getting boring to me back in 2012 so I haven't been doing much.

    Anyway, how are you guys? I've been hard at work, creating levels in LBP Vita and composing music in LBP2. I have a level coming up in LBP Vita, which so far, I am VERY proud of. I am hoping to get a Team Pick with this level as well!

    I'm also glitching in LBP of course, but not so much.