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  1. Theatrical Musings

    Hubby and I have been continuing work on music sequencing the Prologue reboot today. Everything's coming along slowly, but it's all working out perfectly.

    Music sequencing aside, the whole layout of the level in general is just so much improved. It's really strange going back to the original level to take objects out, and having to wade through a single mile-long sequencer (Yup. ONE sequencer! ...
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    Printz Diaries
  2. Sequencing Jessica Rabbit

    There may be trouble ahead...

    Okay, so a little while ago I published a level, well, more of a showcase really. It showed the synching of sung vocals with the music sequencer. I was pretty chuffed with it, and even though I look at it now and think about going back to improve it, I'm happy with it as it is.

    Anwyay, that's besides the point. DajDaj03 suggested the idea of making a Jessica Rabbit video. At first ...
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    Jessica Rabbit