1. The Art of Sidescrolling Platformers 101

    This is kind of a favorites list, but it's meant to be a suggestion for what you should study and know as builders in LBP, especially now that 2 lets us go all out and break the mold. It's like if you were going to tell someone to study the 90's, they'd need to pick up at least one Nirvana and 2 Pac album. These are what I consider prerequisite crash courses.

    Skullmonkeys... one of the last, pure platformers with an amazing artistic style and a no-holds-barred difficulty.
  2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Alucard bot started today

    For anyone that cares about sackbot logic and knows/loves Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, today I sat down and got a perfect double jump + wings + shadow, AND the down-up-X sky rocketing gravity jump to work as well on my Alucard (also with shadowy, trajectory trail). You can gravity jump to your hearts content and keep yourself afloat and launching ever higher, whether or not you've done the 2nd jump, and if you haven't done the 2nd jump, you can still do the 2nd jump post gravity jump... as ...
  3. If LBP were hip-hop, for laughs

    Who whould be who? I'm a huge hip-hop head, and an age old tradition is debating who's the best, who the top 10 rappers are, and who the G.O.A.T. (the greatest of all time) etc forever and never find a real answer

    geosautus would be Rakim... for being that good when writing lyrics were still in their infancy, pioneering so much quality, and having a style that can never be outdated

    jackofcourse would be 2 Pac... the guy who can do everything, appeals to everyone, had ...
  4. My Top 5 Creators... and why

    Ok, I think I'm gonna man up and rank some people and put all politics aside... seemed too long to not be a blog :P

    1.) [B]sighwhatever [/B]- my personal fav... his early timeframe of excellence, balance of quality aesthetic, character, storytelling, design, innovation, and continuity gives him an edge because I feel that his best works are what my next choices slowly came to stand on equal or better ground with but not without alot of practice and time. I feel like he set the standard ...
  5. These levels are awesome -

    H.A.T.E. 1 & 2 by Voltiare

    sackboy's inferno series by sighwhatever (part 4 out now!)

    (The Ancient Castle) by _OIL

    Lost Temple of Anubis by natturas
    Fantasy Forest by natturas

    Zephyr Valley by mrsupercomputer
    Basilisk Bog by mrsupercomputer
    Manufactured Madness by mrsupercomputer

    Tale of the Magnificent Ruby by geosautus
    Scary Factory Overlooking the Small Village by geosautus
    Mystery Mine ...

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