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  1. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 13 (Finale)

    Guys, it's been a fun ride. I've enjoyed this. What started as a simple break from a big project, became a huge project, and even something that is now a competition entry. I love seeing this level finished. I put so much work into it... I mean... just... I think it's something that you guys will love. I finalized all of the bugs that were in all the previous version, AND I added a new amazing tutorial for you guys. I think you'll appreciate this level a lot guys. Enjoy. t's been fun, and I hope ...
  2. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 7

    Heya guys, I know it's pretty soon since I published my last update on the level (I think it was only yesterday actually...) but I put out V 2.0 of my DEMO, and I must say it's looking a lot more unique than the last one did.
    This version includes the fixed sprinting that I talked about in my last blog post, and it also includes a few new features that I got done today which I'm slightly proud of. The 1st is the flash grenades. I have it so that square switches them because, admitedly, the ...

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  3. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 6

    Hey guys. Today I have nothing much to report. Well, I DID do well on our challenge for the LBP Survivor today, best out of all the teams. But regarding the level, I have done something BIG that you guys will enjoy.
    I was able to fix sprinting and the problems that came with it. It had to be made as a single object, which actually doesn't seem as bad a problem as I thought, as I forgot that I made a follower controllinator to control the actual controllinator with the logic! So, I could connect ...
  4. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 5

    Hi guys. Been a little while since my last update I think. Dunno how long it really was, but either way... I GOT A DEMO OUT THIS WEEK! I didn't actually try it out, but I'm pretty sure it works well enough to try out with a friend. It won't work with one person, and only two people can try it out. It doesn't look all that pretty with the over all presentation, but it gives you guys a little taste of what is to come. Now, what has changed over all:
    I have made grenades. I'm only putting in ...

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