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  1. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 14 (Improvements)

    Hey guys. SO I guess I know something that I could have done for the Multiplayer FPS. Actually, a few things. A lot of things, actually......... -sigh- Well, I'm gonna put in a few different things in the future, and I'm going to update the level. I'll be making a new blog for that, but it'll basically be me updating the level with these things:
    Different GUNS with different stats, and different loadouts.
    Different PERKS to put on your character.
    CHEATS to use for added fun. ...
  2. Class Chronicles Update 1

    Hey guys, so I finally got a great idea for my next big project. I got a good amount of ideas, but this one seems simple(ish) enough. It'll be a sort of 1-4 player beat-em-up game, but with RPG elements. I don't know what kind of game that would be called, but here's the basic stuff I got. There will be 4 starting classes: Thief, Warrior, Archer, and Apprentice. Now, they all have different stats and stuff that makes them different, and it'll be pretty cool, because each has two different "trees" ...
  3. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 13 (Finale)

    Guys, it's been a fun ride. I've enjoyed this. What started as a simple break from a big project, became a huge project, and even something that is now a competition entry. I love seeing this level finished. I put so much work into it... I mean... just... I think it's something that you guys will love. I finalized all of the bugs that were in all the previous version, AND I added a new amazing tutorial for you guys. I think you'll appreciate this level a lot guys. Enjoy. t's been fun, and I hope ...
  4. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 11

    HEY GUYS! Been a LONG time since I contacted you guys. I know how much you missed me. Sorry, things have been busy, and by busy I mean I've been very lazy. Although I DO have a new girlfriend. YAYZ! But personal stuff aside for now, let's talk about something really important: My FPS.
    So I was too lazy to look back at what my last post said, so I'll just put some stuff here. So, from what I've gotten from most people that have played the demo, most of them really like it. There has been one ...

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  5. Multiplayer FPS Arena Update 9

    Hello guys. After a very bad break up... and I mean VERY bad break up... getting booted from LBP Survivor, and multiple other things, I have another update. I did a lot of work, and... admitedly, I'm too tired to look at all the changed I made. Biggest thing I've done is made a menu system. It includes the function of starting the game, showing the controls, choosing the music to play, the lighting, and...... that's it. I have an option for "loadouts" but, I havn't gotten the loadouts to work, so ...
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