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    Yay! Glad to see you're still developing this!
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    Thanks a lot for these thoughts, I can only agree with you!
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    Well I have been with LBP2 since it released and at the beginning, everyone was making turnbased games and its funny thinking about how we were all running into the same thermo issues.( If only we knew emit/destroy then) LBF wasnt leaps and bounds beyond say, Aurora Somnis, but its concept was good enough to encourage future RPGs like say Sealed Fate which came out I believe a year or two later.

    Felkroth created more complete experiences out of anyone I know on LBP2. I sometimes forget she made Frozen Flame which is also regarded as one of the best LBP2 levels.

    On a side note, if you really liked LBF, I would defiantly check out Chrono Chrysalis when it debuts in Littlebigplanet 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rpg Maker
    Copy the image URL of whatever image you want and attach it.

    Back to your blog, I was already sure that Felkroth would be "The n. One". Her levels are pretty much the best RPG levels in LBP.

    NOBODY's RPG level was unique. It's something which I couldn't have guessed that could have been made with LBP tools. Well, Felkroth has those kinds of levels too.

    If NOBODY is not going to return in LBP or even get LBP 3, then, man, I'm gonna miss him. The LBF level was amazing RPG level and I want to see it to have an end.
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    Copy the image URL of whatever image you want and attach it.
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    Legendary creators! Nobody's and Felkroth's levels are amazing! I'm in love with Sealed Fate & LittleBigFantasy!

    Btw how did you attach those images on your blog and how do you make them visible?
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    Life lol Also the Feburary release was long canceled since I wasnt able to make the competition. Now I am putting out as much as I can without withholding content and I got rid of the "Genesis" episode. Its going to be large by LBP standards and August is a nice cushion for me both physically and mentally.

    Development wise the project is in great shape.
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    ...August? It was set for a February release. I know you have to fix emitted bugs and whatnot, but what's taking up so much time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rpg Maker
    I never knew there was an in game friends list. I see the regular friends list but they only display the psn friends. Are you referring to that or something else?

    Thats pretty sad I wouldnt know that lol Good tips.
    I'm not sure if we are misunderstanding each other or not. But yes there are 3 different areas that show you when any of your PSN friends are online LBP.
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    I never knew there was an in game friends list. I see the regular friends list but they only display the psn friends. Are you referring to that or something else?

    Thats pretty sad I wouldnt know that lol Good tips.
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    Stuff like 60 fps and more thermo are not really even something to worry about as those things just plain become possible when a LBP is made for PS4 instead of the weak outdated PS3. *mew

    I don't think the main LBP series ever needs to move into full 3D. 2D is not inferior to 3D, They are just different creatures.

    And last I knew we have a ingame friends list. 3 different areas for it in-fact. 1 on the start menu. another in the my friends option in the more options in the community area. and one right below your profile when your sack first hops onto the controller PC within the pod.

    And the rest I agree with, but personally I'm not worried about huds as I don't do things like try to make RPGs. *mew
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    Yea, the project is still unknown for the most part so I thought hub would be a nice platform to begin on, but I am thinking of just releasing it whenever its done.

    That is a great idea...but it wouldnt be fair that I had all this time to work on it and the other contestants would have a week or a month or so. I will probably enter the contest with a different project. It sounds fun!
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    If you're really that anxious, you can finish and publish the level before the release of LBP Hub. It's your choice, though. If the rumor that LBP Hub holds weekly contests is true, I'd suggest saving the level and working on it until one of them is held.
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    Thanks Dragon, we are going to need it. I guess we can only go this long because its darn fun making it.

    Chrono Trigger is an awesome game! I had it on DS a while back. The story is a lot deeper than I thought. I am not sure if you went to But its deep and I actually got some ideas from there hehe.
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    It looks incredible, Xyphas. Good luck in wrapping up the first chapter, I'm amazed at how persistent you guys have been with it. I just picked up Chrono Trigger from PSN the other day, so it's pretty convenient that this shows up, heh. ^^
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    You dont have to be on the game to create gameplay either. Planning is arguably the most important element of design besides the execution of that plan. But I agree, theres not a right or wrong when designing a game--but hopefully if any designers are reading this, they would consider adding gameplay to their rpgs.
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    Story and gameplay should defintely be developed in tandem.

    In defense of some creators, it is sometimes easier to develop the story since you don't have to actually be on the game, tinkering with logic and mechanics at the moment you are thinking of it. It's much easier to create plot than gameplay given just a piece of paper and thinking time, for instance.

    That doesn't make it right, just understandable. Certainly it doesn't help when the narrative comes out bland anyway.
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    Yea, I mean I have some friends introduce me and I am looking at codes and a bunch of characters and the entire time I am asking my self " where is the AND gate?" lol LBP does use some programming language, but its really is not as fun for me developing on other platforms.

    Project Spark even looks daunting in comparison to LBP's simplicity.

    That is what makes LBP special, that create mode. Even if you barely use it, it can attract you to the game.
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    I personally like LBP2 and playing levels, but if there wasn't create mode, I wouldn't like the game. I don't know why, because I barely use it, but you know what I mean, right? Kind of like just wanting it there. I see that you might want to create you own game. Go right on ahead, if you would like, but unless you're tech-savvy, I wouldn't recommend it. (Believe me, I've tried)
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    Thank you. The contest will be great. Lots of known and unknown creators get to show their creativity! Im excited for it. And well hopefully. The scale and scope is there, yet it's a very different experience than Sealed Fate.
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