Dreams from Another World

This is the thoughts of RPG Maker. Usually pertaining to fantasy or creativity in general.

  1. Chrono Break Beta this week

    The main character Jayz, is undergoing training for a special organization known as Blades

    Its been delayed--again. There are a couple things i want to test. Its a rather ambitious game and its for all Role Playing fans, in fact, thats exactly why i am holding a Beta on the weekend (this time for sure ) and i will be asking about different systems and how accessible the game is and most importantly ...
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  2. RPG Maker Vs the Thermometer Round 2

    I beat the Thermometer!!!, sorta reminds me of a classic rocky film for some reason.

    Anyway, It seems i have to re-emit alot of objects, so if your stages are becoming really complicated, it works. Make whatever is taking up alot of thermo space "wireless" meaning completely operational with tags. So now that i pretty much have the plan sealed, its safe to say my game will be released sometime in April
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