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This is the thoughts of RPG Maker. Usually pertaining to fantasy or creativity in general.

  1. The Day My PS4 Arrived...(Condensed in small intervals)

    8:00 AM

    My quiet cubicle at work is suddenly interrupted by a loud ring from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I quickly dart to the phone sitting on the right edge of my desk and notice I got a message from ebay. The PS4 has been delievered? Its only been a day, this couldnt be right. I stealthily hid my phone from the wondering eyes of my noisy manager.

    I take an early bathroom ...

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  2. Dev Diary#3 : Preparing for a Large Release in LBP3

    Its still being developed! The FF XV logo is quite ironic because like that game, Chrono Chrysalis was announced seemingly eons ago.
    Chrono Chrysalis will be debuting on the PS4. There are a some FAQs going around, so I figured I would do another blog and kind of explain some things.

    How far along is development?
    Right now the main thing I am working on is the character development ...

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  3. The Five Creators I Want to Work with in LBP3

    Numba 5.


    Ayneh is a rare breed. I havent spoke with him as much, but he actually made some contributions to my RPG that he may have forgotten about. We also were a part of the FF VII project that sadly got disbanded a couple years ago. With my logic, and Ayneh's skill with artwork, it wouldnt take a long time to make an RPG that is all from sprites or maybe even material ...

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  4. No Chrono Chrysalis on PS4

    Its been a while since I have written the blog and it will be really short this time guys. I did take a break since there was a bug that ruined cutscenes. But now I am hard at work finishing CC on the PS3. The game was built with the limitations of PS3, so its kind of a technical marvel as well as a testament to the capability of LBP2.

    IF people like it, I may continue the series on LBP3, but not before I get another idea off my head.

    I am writing the story for a new ...
  5. The Top 10 Features We Want In LittleBigPlanet 3

    Let the debating begin! It has been talked about for a while now on the forums and what we as a community need to do is lock down and tell our developers exactly what we want from the next game in the series. I took a break from my personal project and thought long and hard about what I think LBP3 needs to not only be successful on the market, but continue to push creativity and originality from ...

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