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  1. Dev Theory 1: What makes an RPG and why doesn't Littlebigplanet have more of them?

    Its taken me a long time to define RPG. What the heck is it? I mean we hear it all the time in new projects, released projects and dozens of levels with the abbreviation of role playing game everywhere and I cant help but feel, we as a gaming community have forgotten the definition of RPG. Take a moment and ask yourself, "what ...

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  2. The Six Important Things I Learned While LBPC Was Down

    Yup its still being made. Teasing the Chrono Chrysalis PS4 reveal. Follow me on twitter for more on the project @Xyphasl

    Like many of you, I have gotten MUCH older since I first joined this website and while I still dont consider myself a LBP elite, I have learned a few things in my time here. To celebrate the return of the largest LBP fansite ever, I thought I would recap my most recent ...

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  3. The Day My PS4 Arrived...(Condensed in small intervals)

    8:00 AM

    My quiet cubicle at work is suddenly interrupted by a loud ring from my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. I quickly dart to the phone sitting on the right edge of my desk and notice I got a message from ebay. The PS4 has been delievered? Its only been a day, this couldnt be right. I stealthily hid my phone from the wondering eyes of my noisy manager.

    I take an early bathroom ...

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  4. Dev Diary#3 : Preparing for a Large Release in LBP3

    Its still being developed! The FF XV logo is quite ironic because like that game, Chrono Chrysalis was announced seemingly eons ago.
    Chrono Chrysalis will be debuting on the PS4. There are a some FAQs going around, so I figured I would do another blog and kind of explain some things.

    How far along is development?
    Right now the main thing I am working on is the character development ...

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  5. The Five Creators I Want to Work with in LBP3

    Numba 5.


    Ayneh is a rare breed. I havent spoke with him as much, but he actually made some contributions to my RPG that he may have forgotten about. We also were a part of the FF VII project that sadly got disbanded a couple years ago. With my logic, and Ayneh's skill with artwork, it wouldnt take a long time to make an RPG that is all from sprites or maybe even material ...

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