BlackWolfe's LittleBigIdeas

Documenting my attempts at level creation, so that I might share my epiphanies, frustrations, and triumphs -- many of which, I don't doubt, have already been experienced by others. Each blog post will include a project name (or working title) and a brief description of what's already been done, as well as the entry itself, which will discuss the steps taken since the prior blog entry.

Also, I'll probably share my experiences with downloaded levels.

  1. Thermo Woes

    Wizard's Spire is as done as it's going to get. I reached a point last night where the thermo was so full, I couldn't add a single sticker. With the thermo at that level, I discovered that one of my wobble bolts had somehow migrated a few pixels, causing one of the enemies in the level to decapitate itself after a few seconds of normal animation.

    I attempted to move the offending bolt back into the proper position, and the thermo wouldn't let me -- it acted as if the bolt were a ...
  2. Aspiring to a Spire

    I've finally worked out a boss that fits in the space left, and the mechanics are in place. All that's left is the difficulty slider/health bar and the expository dialogue before the fight. I'm down to an eight of a thermometer left -- this is going to be CLOSE -- but it's looking like everything will fit!


    Actually, I don't think anybody said that. Still...
  3. Creation Blues

    I'm working on a number of levels right now. First of all, Wizard's Spire is on hold. The area left for the final boss is half as tall as I wanted, but I've hit the level's ceiling, and I need some time to rethink the boss fight because of that.

    What I'm going to talk about in this blog, however, are PSP Create mode glitches.

    I have a hard and fast rule: Never use a glitch you don't understand. If you don't know why the glitch does what it does, then don't use it. ...

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