1. Feeling SO unactive member here

    And unactive at LittleBigPlanet PSVita :P
    haven't made huge changes in my levels :P I should try to spend more time on LBP than with my PC and friends DD (skype, HoN, other games and stuff)

    I have to practise more drawing soon :P

    And yeah, schools ends soon, new schools in September. I hope I can get to the school where I have wanted to go.
  2. If someone is active at blog pages...

    I have a message for my friends here at LBPC:

    I want to say I am not active! I am lazy to write reviews here, because I just feel lazy .__. I know it would be much great if I wrote reviews here but I just don't have time... I haven't even drawn ANYTHING! D:< I have a one LEVEL in progress and it's remake of my PSP level, called World Of Skyland

    But now I'll play videogames with my superfastcoollaptopever (You might get the sarcastic point?) If I have time...