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  1. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Thanks, Domenic, you know how to solace an old friend! And it would be great to see, how other musicians in lbp compose their music!
    Many greetings, Jürgen^^
  2. mdkd99's Avatar
    I really like how you explained this step. I understood a few things. I have to admit, that I can't play the piano and I don't really understand how notes work that way.

    I think I'll make a video about that topic as well. I'll explain, how I create music with the music sequencer.

    And to be honest: If I didn't know you I'd say you're from england. Your english is smooth and good.
  3. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Thanks you Smuffy, I needed a little break from my own project to refresh my energies again, I did a further level meanwhile which is 95% done! I will continue with my "Do you fear Death?" project this weekend!
    Many greetings, Jürgen^^
  4. Smuffy04's Avatar
    Wow, I was honestly stunned by this! It looks so amazing!
  5. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi aratiatia, thanks a lot for these friendly words, I think there will be two or three more blog entries here before I can introduce my hopefully soon finished level in the level showcase! But I'm working under high pressure on it! The next blog entry will show, how I did the organ room of the Flying Dutchman. I wish you a fine weekend, many greetings, Jürgen^^
  6. aratiatia's Avatar
    This looks amazing - very detailed and deep. I hope this appears in the "levels" section soon, well done
  7. CuriousSack's Avatar
    Hi av, I can remember that once you have posted some pictures of your snorkeling holidays in one of the forums, and I remember that I liked them! I'm sure that the real fishes are even more colorful than my creations! But nevertheless I would be glad if you would get some holiday feelings playing my level when its finished! Many greetings, Jürgen
  8. avundcv's Avatar
    Since a couple of years I spend my holydays on reef snorkeling, so I really like colourful fish. Thanks for creating such beautiful fish. I´m so exited and looking forward to play this.